Schedule of Events

The Colloquium took place on March 23 and March 24, 2018. The schedule of events was as follows.

Friday, March 23, 2018

2:30 PM Registration. Center for International Education, Ruscio Center for Global Learning.

3:30 Panel 1 | FLTA Panel on American Pedagogy and Classroom Culture Ms. Franziska Auer, FLTA, Austria; Ms. Sofía Hernández, FLTA, Argentina; Ms. Israa Abu Salah, FLTA, Israel; Ms. Mililani Ganivet, FLTA, France; Dr. ‚ÄčLily Anne Goetz, Longwood; Dr. Dick Kuettner, W&L. Leyburn Library, Northen Auditorium.

4:45 Panel 2 | Campus Climate and International Students. Presiders: David Baluarte, JD, W&L Law School; Dr. Matthew Lee, Department of Psychology, JMU; Mr. Thomas Lavenir, Assistant Director of International Center for Global Engagement, JMU. Leyburn Library; Northen Auditorium.

5:45 Reception, Hotchkiss Alumni House.

6:45 Dinner, Ruscio Center for Global Learning, Atrium.

8:00 Opening Plenary | Dr. José Bowen, President, Goucher College.  Liberal Education for a More Inclusive Global Economy. Ruscio Center for Global Learning, Atrium.

Saturday, March 24, 2018 

8:00 AM Registration for New Arrivals.  Robert E. Lee Hotel, Inner Lobby.

8:30 Panel 3 | Legal Challenges: Privacy Law, Risk, and Looming Challenges in a Digital World.  Presiders: Jennifer Kirkland, JD, General Counsel, W&L;  Mr. Timothy Cummons, RCM&D, Inc.; Mr. Todd Binkowski, International SOS. Robert E. Lee Hotel, Ballroom.

9:30 Break

9:45 Panel 4 | Athletes and Study Abroad. Presiders: Coach Michael Singleton, W&L; Coach Mike Palacio, W&L;  Mr. Jack Miller, W&L, 2019; Ms. Sarah Leonard, W&L, 2020. Robert E. Lee Hotel, Ballroom.

10:45 Break

11:00 Panel 5 | Gender, SES, Racial Gaps in Higher Education. Presiders: Ms. Malaiki Serrano, ISA Abroad; Ms. Stephanie Davenport Tignor, Director of Education Abroad,VCU; Ms. Nasha Lewis, Assistant Director for Global Education, W&M; Ms. Elizabeth Mugo, W&L, 2019. Robert E. Lee Hotel, Ballroom.

12:15 PM Lunch and Business Discussion.  Dr. Mark Rush and Dr. Dick Kuettner, W&L. Robert E. Lee Hotel, Rocca Bar Ristorante.

1:30 Panel 6 | Global Competence, Global Skills: Where Do They Meet in the Classroom? Presiders: Dr. Kathryn Murphy-Judy, School of World Studies, VCU; Dr. Bettina Staudt, President-Elect, FLAVA; Dr. Dick Kuettner, W&L. Robert E. Lee Hotel, Ballroom.

2:45 Panel 7 | Liberal Education in an Increasingly Illiberal World. Presiders: Dr. Mark Rush, W&L; Dr. Elizabeth Evans, Haverford College and LACOL. Robert E. Lee Hotel, Ballroom. 

4:00 Closing Plenary | Dr. Bryan Alexander, Bryan Alexander Consulting, LLC.  "Crunch Time:  Selected Trends for the Future of Liberal Education". Robert E. Lee Hotel, Ballroom.