Microsoft Word and World Languages

Setting Your Language

Microsoft Word has the capability of editing your composition for basic grammatical or spelling errors in your language of choice. You can change this by opening Language under the Options section of the File menu. After selecting your language, close all Microsoft Office programs. Now Microsoft Word will proof your work in your language of choice.

Disabling SpellCheck and GrammarCheck

However, be aware that for some assignments using the Microsoft proofing software is an honor code infraction. Make sure to disable the proofing when it should be disabled. You can do this easily by  opening the Proofing menu under the Options tab in the File menu. Simply deselect the check boxes for Spelling and Grammar.


Don't forget to save your document. It's surprising how many people will not save their document and the program will crash and their work will be lost. Always first save the document after titling it. Then, periodically save the document manually as you finish a paragraph or a page. You can do this by clicking the Floppy Icon in the top left corner or you can hit control+S.