Technology Tips

Are you frustrated with chronic technology hurdles when you are working on your script for a Russian film class? Do you want to smash your computer whenever your Japanese professor assigns a film review? Are you tired of seeing red lines underneath nearly every word of your Politics paper? Are you confused where to find your audio and video recordings for your English final in the GDL? Are you unsure of how you can record a monologue for your Italian class? The GDL can help. We have a few helpful technology tips listed below. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask the assistant on duty.

The L-Drive
Files in the GDL are stored for student use on the L-Drive. This is where you will find a movie that your professor assigned, audio files, and even testing files.

The Sanako Unit
The Sanako Unit is one of the most extensively used pieces of software in the GDL. Installed at every student station in the Global Communications Laboratory, it allows for audio/video playback and recording, as well as teacher-student and student-teacher interaction. Everyone should be familiar with its basic functions.

Setting Your Language
Microsoft Word and Foreign Languages