August 2016

Dear Department and Program Heads,

With this short note, I am including a printable flyer of the newly created Global Discovery Laboratories (GDL) located in the Center for Global Learning. The facility was created to help the University Community in its mission to internationalize its curriculum in the hopes of achieving a greater understanding of the world. 

In reviewing the objectives and functions listed in the flyer, I ask that you reflect upon the facility’s usefulness to your department.  The GDL was designed to meet the needs of all disciplines in an assortment of learning situations.  It is our hope to meet your department’s needs in every aspect possible. 

So we have a better idea of how the facility can best meet your needs and wants, I would like to schedule a short meeting with you in the near future and would like to invite you to one of the two sessions I will be leading during fall academy in late August and early September.

Thank you for your time, and I hope that we will be able to visit soon. 



Dick Kuettner