Why I Love W&L

This Valentine's Day, we asked campus community members why they love W&L. Here's what they said.

I Love W&L Because...

Joe O'Connor '22

"Of the friendships this place has given me. I have met so many lifelong friends here and I couldn’t be more thankful for that” 

Mary Wilson Grist '22

"Each student gets to have an experience tailored to their needs, hopes and desires. Professors love to brainstorm and dream with students about projects and are often my first cheerleaders for my successes.” 

Barton Myers, History

"I get to work with some of the finest students in the country and mentor their writing, research practices, and career decisions." 

P.T. Meadors '24

"This is a place where opportunities are everywhere. W&L has given me amazing friends, and has opened so many doors!" 

Brooke Peccie '17, Career and Professional Development

"I am always learning from the smart, ambitious students and colleagues around me. "

Leah Beard, Dean of Students Office

"Of the fantastic community that exists here. In particular, I love the students, because they make W&L the unique and special place that it is." 

Ann Douglas Lott '22

"Of how connected I feel to campus and everyone on it. It's such a small school, and that means you can get involved in so many different areas and get to know so many very interesting people."

Dean Rob Straughan, Williams School

“After more than two decades here, I continue to find inspiration in the creativity and commitment of staff, faculty, and students."