Give Day
24 hours . 5,000 donors . $1,000,000 .

You Did It

Thank you to the entire W&L community for your tremendous support on Give Day. We are thrilled to announce that we exceeded our 5,000-donor goal with a final total of 5,048 donors. Detailed Give Day results will be shared in a video message on April 24.


The Goal5000
Total Gifts5048
Success-o-Meter 100%

Meet the Challenge Donors

These generous donors have made additional gifts to W&L totaling $1,000,000 in honor of Give Day.

Members of The Board of Trustees $164,500

Mary Choksi P11
Fred Cooper 64
Blair Davis 94
Jed Dunn 82 P08 P10 P13
Doug Fuge 77
Joe Luter 87
Marshall Miller 71
Mike Missal 78
Jessine Monaghan 79L
Craig Owens 76
Laurie Rachford 84L
Bennett Ross 83
Bob Sadler 67
Lizanne Thomas 82L
Tom Wall 80
Billy Webster 79

Members of The Campaign Cabinet $255,500

Don Childress 70
Matt Cole 71
Rogers Crain 75
Hagood Ellison 72
Dwight Emanuelson 84
Scott Fechnay 69
Jim Ferguson 88L
Ben Gambill 67
Baker Gentry 88
Bill Goodell 80L
Matt Goodwin 94
Ben Grigsby 72
Allen Haight 84
Clay Jackson 76
Geordy Johnson 05
Susanna Johnson 06
Larry Lawrence P08 10 12
Sally Lawrence P08 10 12
Mike McAlevey 86
Rick McMillan 69
Phil Norwood 69
Trey Odom P16
Harry Phillips 72
Charlie Prioleau 82
Jamie Small 81
Hatton Smith 73
Burt Staniar 64
Warren Stephens 79
Todd Sutherland 81
Rowan Taylor 89
Charlie Tomm 68 75L
Jack Vardaman 62
Alston Parker Watt 89
Chris Williams 85

Current, Past and Alumni Parents $540,450

Sally and Randy Adams P17
Elizabeth Baird P18
Kathryn and Roger Barton P13 P17
Lyn and James Bradford P18
Louise and Keith Calhoun 79 P17
Trixie and David Carlock P13 P15
Melissa and Mark Christian P15
Holly and Paul Combs P18
Amy and John Graham P17
Marcia and George Gsell P18
Bill Holekamp P96
Mary Lou and Clay Kingsbery 78 P09 P13 P18
Margaret Lindsay P17
Joanne and Gary Markman P18
Susan and George Matelich P18
Robbie and Robert Mayer P18
Laura and Jay Morgan P14 P17
Julie and Dennis Murphy P16
Rhoda and Michael Murphy P16
Anne and Steve Peacher P15
Rhonda and Bert Ponder 83 P16
Karen and Paul Reilly P15 P17
Rebecca and Mark Riley P15
Ellen and Greg Rogowski P17
Beth Struckell P17
Noel Tonneman P11
Alice and Bruce Whelihan 64 P15
Laurie and John Wilbur P16 P18
Laurie and Jeff Young P16

Alumni $50,000


also a member of the Board of Trustees

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