Your 50th Reunion

50th reunion classes leave a legacy at W&L and honor their alma mater through a significant class reunion gift.

50th Reunion Giving Overview

The 50th reunion classes look forward to continuing a longstanding 50th-reunion tradition of generously giving back to Washington and Lee. While reunions are often associated with looking back, the 50th milestone enables the class to look forward. Inspired by W&L's motto Non Incautus Futuri, each class leaves a legacy that will benefit the university for years to come. Nothing embodies the spirit of W&L nor demonstrates alumni loyalty more than the 50th reunion giving campaign.

Class Projects

1972 - Class of 1972 Student Experience Endowment

The Class of 1972 chose the Student Experience endowment to support the Full W&L Experience as their class project to help prepare students holistically for lifelong learning and engaged citizenship, regardless of financial means. Some examples of programs this endowment could support are: rigorous internships in both profit and non-profit organizations, expanding students’ worldviews through immersion in other cultures and languages via study abroad, providing eye-opening research opportunities alongside faculty experts and other unparalleled extracurricular opportunities. The goal set by the committee for this endowment is $1,000,000.

1971 - Class of 1971 Washington and Lee Scholarship Endowment & The Class of 1971 R.E. Lee Summer Research Endowment 

The Class of 1971 is supporting two projects: The Class of 1971 Washington and Lee Scholarship Endowment, and The Class of 1971 R.E. Lee Summer Research Endowment. Their overall reunion goal is $5.5 million to honor their milestone year. 

The Class of 1971 Washington and Lee Scholarship Endowment is a permanently endowed fund providing scholarship awards to students with financial need. Scholarship support ensures that the very best students are able to take full advantage of the W&L experience.

The Class of 1971 R.E. Lee Summer Research Endowment will provide financial resources for undergraduate students to take part in interdisciplinary summer research experiences. W&L recognizes that learning is not limited to the classroom. A summer research experience with a scholar-mentor deepens a student’s academic interests and helps prepare them for what follows after graduation.

1970 - Class of 1970 Robert E.R. Huntley Scholarship

The Class of 1970 Robert E.R. Huntley Scholarship continues an important tradition of educating the most promising students who go on to make a considerable impact on their communities. Members of the Class of 1970 have an exciting opportunity to significantly increase the class scholarship endowment and to strengthen its influence on future students.

The Class of 1970 established the Robert E.R. Huntley Scholarship during its 25th reunion to recognize students whose intellectual strength, character and leadership ability mirror the qualities that the late former university president embodied. The class commits to raise $1,250,000 to bolster the scholarship, which can benefit a student recipient for all four years of his or her undergraduate experience.

Make Your 50th Reunion Gift

  • Pledge: Members of the 50th reunion classes (1970, 1971 or 1972) may request a 50th Reunion Pledge form by emailing
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  • You may direct questions regarding your 50th reunion gift/pledge to Erin Stringer, director of reunion giving at

What Counts?

Annual Fund Class Project Other Capital and Endowment Priorities (EXCLUDING ANNUAL FUND)
  • Gifts or five-year pledges made during reunion year
  • Gifts or five-year pledges
  • Planned gift commitments (counting from July 1 after 45th reunion through June 30 of 50th reunion year)
  • Gifts or five-year pledges
  • Payments to any university fund (counting from July 1 after 45th reunion for 10-year period)
  • Planned gift commitments (counting from July 1 after 45th reunion through June 30 of 50th reunion year)

50th Reunion Staff Contacts

Erin Stringer
Director of Reunion Giving

Jocelyn Lewis
Director of Leadership Giving

Michelle Jones
Associate Director of Alumni Engagement

Largest 50th Reunion Gift Totals

  1. Class of 1969: $ 13,267,448.88
  2. Class of 1968: $ 11,115,427.28
  3. Class of 1967: $ 9,893,952.12
  4. Class of 1964: $ 8,828,845.83
  5. Class of 1962: $ 8,537,870.39

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