Women in Geology at W&L

The Geology Department at Washington and Lee

We want you to know a little bit about how the female geoscience faculty and staff, and former female students, became interested in a geology degree, and what they went off to do with it. Some of us came to college knowing we wanted to be geologists, others didn't realize it until they took a geology course -- or two. Once we chose to study geology, we did not necessarily know what would come next, but we have enjoyed all the experiences we have had since graduating from W&L, including graduate school, travel, jobs, and careers -- whether we became academics, environmentalists, non-traditional environmentalists, geoscientists in the oil and gas industry, or did not become a geoscientis at all. (And we tend to be really good cornhole players.)

We welcome you to meet with us and to take a geology course. You might like geology as much as we do!

header image: Female faculty, staff, and students at the 2017 End of Year picnic