The Rock Record: various goings-on!

Come here to find pictures and information about fun events and happenings in and about the geology department!

March 2017: Congrats to geology students inducted into Phi Beta Kappa: Dan Claroni, John Dannehl, Clare Wilkinson, Shlomo Honig, and Yuwei Wang!

March 2017: Ed's newest book is out! Guide to the Geology and Natural History of the Blue Ridge Mountains, UVa Press. What's your favorite page? Dr. Dave's is p. 44 -- knickpoints and waterfalls!

March 2017: Meet the Johnsons: Shlomo! Shlomo is majoring in Environmental Studies, Geology, and pre-med, class of 2018

February 2017: Meet the Johnsons: Harry! Harry is majoring in Business Administration and Geology and also getting an Environmental Studies minor, class of 2017

February 2017: Careers in Motion: Olivia Sisson! And here's Liv Sisson's website. Liv is majoring in Geology and Studio Art, class of 2017

November 2016: Write-up about Professor Lisa Greer's lab's work in Belize

October 2016: The Professional Geologist article written by students in Lisa Greer's Regional Geology of the Colorado Plateau, Spring 2016 (go to page 43)