2014-15 Talks

Winter 2015:

  • Tuesday, January 20: Dr. Synder will discuss the BP Oil Spill in depth. 5:30pm. Sponsored by BBB Biological Honor Society.
  • Friday, January 23: William Ashley Griffith of UT-Arlington will present "Integrating structural geology observations with models to learn about earthquake physics" at 3:30 in A218. Pizza, questions and answers after talk.
    • LUNCH with Dr. Griffith is at 12:20 in the Structure Room.  Please let Sarah know if you are planning to attend the lunch.
  • Thursday, February 5: Pizza and Rafting! Professor Greer will give a slide presentation about the GEOL 373 course for Spring 2016: Rafting the Colorado River. If you are AT ALL interested in riding the rapids and checking out the geology in Colorado, you need to come to this presentation. We need to know how many people might be interested so we can reserve the Grand Canyon Expedition raft. 5:30pm in A218. PIZZA!
  • Tuesday, February 10: Carl Simpson, PhD, paleobiologist at the Smithsonian Institution, will present "How long did it take corals and zooxanthellae to coevolve photosynthesis?" 4:30pm in A218.
  • Wednesday, February 18: Franco Corona, Technical Geological Advisor, ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company, will present "The Role of Faults in Exploration, Development, and Production of Hydrocarbons (Oil and Gas)." 1:30pm in A218.
  • Thursday, March 5: Sarah Beth Cadieux, PhD candidate, Department of Geological Sciences, Indiana University, will present "Gassy lakes: Using isotopes to understand methane in small, Arctic lakes." 5:45pm in A218. Pizza!
  • Tuesday, March 10: Warren Barrash, PhD, prof emeritus, Boise State University, will present "Heterogeneity, Hydrogeophysics, and Hydraulic Tomography - Estimating Hydraulic Parameter Distributions in Unconsolidated Sedimentary Aquifers." 12:20pm in A218.
  • Tuesday, March 17: Sterling Nesbitt, PhD, Virginia Tech, will present "The beginning of the Age or Reptiles: the rise of archosaurs and their relatives after the end Permian extinction." 4:30pm in A218.
  • Thursday, March 19: Matt Jungers, PhD, Visiting Assistant Professor, Oberlin College, will present "A Source-to-Sink View of Earth Surface Processes: Cosmic Rays to Castor Canadensis." 12:20pm in A218.
  • Friday, March 20: Adele Irwin '15, will defend her senior biology thesis, "Investigations of resilient Acropora communities in Belize: Relative aging and intraspecific diversity calculations of species using microsatellite markers and somatic mutations." Adele worked a great deal with Professor Greer and other students on this project. 1:25pm in Parmly 307.
  • Friday, April 3: Senior BS students will present their theses. 3:00-6:00pm in A114.

Fall 2014:

  • Wednesday, October 1: Bryant Fulk '08 of Wells Fargo Securities will present "A Review of the Domestic Oil and Gas, Acquisition and Divestiture Space: Why a Geologist Works for an Investment Bank" at 4:30 in A214 in the Science Center. There will be Q and A after the talk, followed by a reception in the Great Hall.
  • Thursday, October 2: Madison Woodward '81 will present "3D Seismic and Its Application to Hydrocarbon Exploration" in A218 in the Science Center at 4:00pm.
  • Friday, October 10: The Annual Geology Department Parents and Family Weekend Open House and BBQ Lunch. A228 and A218. Noon.
  • Thursday, October 30: Daniel Richter will present "Climate and Congress: One Scientist's Unexpected Career Path." A214 in the Science Center at 4:30pm. Dr. Richter will focus on his experience as Legislative and Science Director for Citizens' Climate Lobby, the largest lobbying effort in the country on behalf of action on climate. His talk will cover his scientific background, observations on the transition from science to policy, a description of his day-to-day, and some of the most common ways in which his science still comes up in meetings with members of Congress.
  • Wednesday, November 12: Lyman Persico of Mercyhurst University will present "Hot or damned?: Natural and historical variability of climate, streams, and beaver in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem" in A214 in the Science Center at 5:30pm.
  • Monday, December 1: Chris Roessler '91, of Michael Baker Engineering, Inc., will present "A Career in Water Resource Management: Stream Restoration, Stormwater, Water Quality, and Watershed Planning." A218 at 1:25pm.
  • Friday, December 5: Summer research opportunities. For majors. Each faculty member will talk for 10-15 minutes about the research s/he will be working on next summer. A brief introduction to opportunities outside the department will be presented as well. 3:30-5:00pm in A218.