David Harbor Professor of Geology

David Harbor

Science Addition 223


Ph.D. Earth Resources, 1990, Colorado State University, Advisor: Stanley A. Schumm
    Dissertation: Adjustment of alluvial river morphology and process to localized active tectonics
M.S. Geology, 1985, Pennsylvania State University, Advisor: Thomas W. Gardner
    Thesis: Hydrology of surface-mined land: A determination of minesoil control on infiltration capacity and runoff modeling of disturbed watersheds
B.A. Geology, with honors, 1981, Earlham College, Richmond, Indiana


Transient erosion, knickpoint erosion, stream morphology and hydraulics, passive margin landscape evolution, soils/weathering in alluvium and on paleosurfaces.


Introductory Geology
GIS and Remote Sensing
Water Resources
Glaciology and Glacial Geology

Selected Publications

Busch, J., Greer, L., Harbor, D., Wirth, K., Lescinsky, H., Curran, H.A. and de Beurs, K., 2016. Quantifying exceptionally large populations of Acropora spp. corals off Belize using sub-meter satellite imagery classification. Bulletin of Marine Science, 92(2), pp.265-283. DOI: 10.5343/bms.2015.1038

Pazzaglia, F. J., Carter, M., Berti, C., Counts, R., Hancock, G., Harbor, D., Harrison, R., Heller, M., Mahan, S., Malenda, H., McKeon, R., Nelson, M., Prince, P., Rittenour, T., Spotila, J., and Whittecar, R., 2015, Geomorphology, active tectonics, and landscape evolution in the Mid-Atlantic region: Field Guides, v. 40, p. 109-169. (GSA Baltimore Meeting) doi:10.1130/2015.0040(06)

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Garcez, R., Humston, R., Harbor, D., Freitas, C., 2014, Otolith geochemistry in young-of-the-year peacock bass Cichla temensis for investigating natal dispersal in the Rio Negro (Amazon - Brazil) river system, Ecology of Freshwater Fish, DOI: 10.1111/eff.12142

Val, P., Silva, C., Harbor, D., Morales, N., Amaral, F., and Maia, T., 2013, Erosion of an active fault scarp leads to drainage capture in the Amazon region, Brazil: Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, DOI: 10.1002/esp.3507 (view at publisher) 

Gonga-Saholiariliva N., Gunnell, Y., Harbor, D., Mering, C., 2011, An automated method for producing synoptic regional maps of river gradient variation: Procedure, accuracy tests, and comparison with other knickpoint mapping methods. Geomorphology. doi:10.1016/j.geomorph.2011.07.013

Gunnell, Y. and Harbor, D., 2010, Butte detachment: where pre-rift geologic structure and drainage integration drive escarpment evolution at rifted continental margins. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms. Vol. 35(12), p.1373–1385.

Gunnell, Y. and Harbor, D., 2008, Structural Underprint and Tectonic Overprint in the Angavo (Madagascar) and Western Ghats (India) — Implications for Understanding Scarp Evolution at Passive Margins, Journal Geological Society of India Jubilee Edition, Vol.71, June 2008, pp.763-779.

Harbor, D. and Gunnell, Y.,2007, Along-strike Escarpment Heterogeneity of the Western Ghats: A Synthesis of Drainage and Topography Using Digital Morphometric Tools, Journal Geological Society of India (special issue on Western Ghats) Vol.70, September 2007, pp.411-426.

Humston, Robert and Harbor, David, 2006, Geologic Analyses for Evaluating Watershed Heterogeneity: Implications for Otolith Chemistry Studies. Proc. Annu. Conf. Southeast. Assoc. Fish and Wildl. Agencies. 60:132–139

Harbor, D., Bacastow, A., Heath, A., Rogers, J., 2005, Capturing variable knickpoint retreat in the central Appalachians, USA, Geographia Fisica E Dinamica Quaternaria. v 28, p 23-36.