The Rock Record

2017 Geology Alumni Reunion!

To say that everyone had a great time at the reunion does not do the weekend justice. To say that everyone came ready to have a great time and made very good on that intention, comes closer. And to say that the mountains were beautiful, that alums of all ages - from the class of 1953 to the class of 2016 - greeted those they had not met before as eagerly as they greeted old friends, and that there was an energizing feeling that had people enjoying whatever they were doing might be as close as you can get to describing the reunion. Visit the Alumni page on the Geo website to see lots of fun pictures.

Clear skies allowed for views of the Blue Ridge that don’t disappoint. Stops on the Blue Ridge and Goshen, and lunch at Ed and Betty’s (and stories of graduations parties and a bit of drinking there) were capped with a most relaxed, chatty, fun evening with BBQ at Jamie ’81 and Alison Small’s farm in Raphine. To say people had a hard time breaking away from talking to each other to go rest up for Saturday is not an exaggeration.

Current students took part in Saturday’s events, appreciating the faculty research presentations, panels on a variety of careers and Spring Term trips, and posters, as well as meeting everyone. I daresay alums who spent Saturday exploring the mountains, Lexington, or Rockbridge felt like they found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Dinner in Evans on Saturday night was also a treat -- not only did everyone get to talk more (people could not stop talking to each other this weekend) but we also heard great stories about Sam, Odell, Ed, of course Fred, as well as the “new faculty,” several of which have been here one or two decades. A particularly meaningful point in the evening was the announcement of The Edgar W. Spencer ’53 Geology Field Research Endowment, a new fund created by a gift from Quinn T. Kiley ’95.

A big thank you to panelists for sharing your experiences and thoughts regarding careers and curriculum. These conversations are valuable not only to our currents students but also to faculty and other alums. And a big thank you to everyone for taking the time and resources to come to Lexington. We speak for all when we say that being with Ed and Fred -- and about fifty new best friends -- for the two reunion days was something special. Check out the slideshow at the Alumni tab at And stay in touch! - Sarah