The W&L Promise

The W&L Promise guarantees free tuition to any undergraduate student admitted to Washington and Lee with a family income* below $75,000 and assets typical for their income. In addition, those students may be eligible for loan-free assistance to cover room, board and other educational expenses, based on demonstrated need.  Transfer students are not eligible for the W&L Promise.

The W&L Promise is part of Washington and Lee's strategic initiative to make the distinctive W&L experience available to qualified students regardless of their financial situation.

In determining students' demonstrated need, Washington and Lee will continue its practice of undertaking a careful and personal assessment of each family's income and assets with the assistance of the CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE from the College Board. Please see How To Apply for instructions on submitting a complete W&L institutional need-based grant application.

Beginning with the fall semester of 2014, the W&L Promise will be available for all undergraduates, including those who are applying for admittance as members of the Class of 2018.

In addition to implementing the W&L Promise, Washington and Lee will continue to meet the full demonstrated financial need for admitted students from families in other income brackets entirely through a combination of grants, scholarships, and work study. Loans will not be included as part of the institutional need-based financial aid package.

Applicants and families who wish to be considered for the W&L Promise or any institutionally funded need-based assistance at W&L should submit a complete institutional need-based grant application by the deadline associated with their admissions application. Full details regarding the application process and deadlines can be found at How to Apply.

Read our W&L Promise FAQs.