Cost of Attendance

Financial aid is awarded based on an estimated cost of attendance.   In our cost of attendance figure, we include both direct expenses paid to the university as well as other indirect costs the family should anticipate.

Tuition, Fees, Room and Board - These are direct expenses billed by the university to the student's tuition account.  Our cost of attendance is based on full-time enrollment, the first year meal plan, and an average of the first year dorm costs.  We do not adjust our cost of attendance based on an individual student's actual room/board expenses.  We use the same room and board allowance regardless of whether a student lives on or off-campus..

Books and Supplies - We estimate an annual allowance for books and supplies based on information from our campus bookstore.  Your actual costs will vary from term to term depending on your course registration.  Purchases made at the campus bookstore can be charged to the student's tuition account.

Personal/Miscellaneous Expenses - These are indirect expenses that the student may incur while they are here at W&L.  Some types of personal/miscellaneous purchases include laundry, toiletries, movies, etc. 

Transportation - We include the estimated cost of transportation to campus in the fall, home and back for winter break, and back home at the end of the spring term.  Transportation costs are estimated based on a student's state of residence.

Net Price Calculator

Calculate an estimate of your financial aid eligibility based on your family's income and assets