Spring Term Abroad


  • October 25, 2019: Deadline for students who are interested in financial aid for Spring Term Abroad to submit and confirm the required need-based aid documents are on file.
  • November 22, 2019: Aid packages will be sent via email to all students accepted to the Spring Term programs. This will allow families to discuss the spring term abroad over Thanksgiving break.
  • February 14, 2020: Deadline for any Spring Term Abroad loans to be processed.

Program Information:

  • The financial aid you currently have for Fall and Winter terms is completely separate from financial aid for STA programs.
  • All STA aid is need-based - honor scholarships and academic excellence does not give one student an advantage over another.
  • Students with demonstrated financial need will receive grant assistance; loan assistance is almost always available.
  • You will only be provided an aid award for one program - should that program not materialize another program may be chosen and your financial aid package will be recalculated.
  • Program costs vary - aid offered for one program is not transferable to another program.
  • Students are not allowed to request aid for more than one program unless their first choice program does not materialize.
  • Spring Term Abroad (STA) programs are desirable, yet optional. They are not a graduation requirement.
  • We will not process any late financial aid awards for any programs.

Financial Aid Application Required:

  • The CSS/PROFILE is used to determine your eligibility for grant assistance. If you have not completed the CSS/PROFILE for this current academic year, please do so immediately. Your file may contain enough documentation from a previous year to determine if the CSS/PROFILE is worth filing. Check with the Financial Aid Office.
  • The FAFSA is used to determine eligibility for federal loans.
  • The international student financial aid application is required for any international student who has not previously submitted this application.

Please forward any questions regarding STA financial aid to Jennifer Davis at jtdavis@wlu.edu.