Manage Your Aid

Aid Status Online

Students are expected to monitor their Aid Status Online account to stay informed of what documents or actions are required of them. After logging into the site, students should navigate to the "Items Requiring Your Attention" link to view current document status information.

From "Items Requiring Your Attention", students can utilize our easy and secure Application Document Upload process to submit documents directly to the Office of Financial Aid."

Renewing Your W&L Aid

Returning students receiving need-based grant assistance must re-apply each year.

Accepting Your Loans

The financial aid award provided by Washington and Lee will include the student's federal loan eligibility. In addition to submitting the FAFSA, the student must take additional steps to accept and borrow these funds. All steps must be completed before the loan funds will be applied to the student's bill with the university.

Spring Term Abroad

Financial aid for Fall and Winter terms is completely separate from financial aid for Spring Term Abroad programs. We will use the current year need based aid application to determine your eligibility for spring term abroad aid.

Study Abroad

In general, students who receive financial aid can apply their funding towards a study abroad program. However, the process is not automatic. There are steps the student must take to determine if they will receive aid while studying abroad and to ensure the study abroad institution receives payment.

Financial Aid Policies

Financial Aid awards are governed by several policies, including the Grant Assistance Policy, the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy and the Return of Title IV Program Funds Policy.