Workshops and Support

The Office of Faculty Grant Support offers workshops on techniques and resources for crafting competitive applications.  Topics include:

  • Introductions to our office and grant seeking for new faculty
  • Instructional sessions on SPIN/SMART research databases
  • Speakers from NSF, ACLS, NEH, NIH, and other faculty funders
  • Speed read sessions of in-progress proposals
  • Targeted workshops for specific departments and concentrations

Workshops are scheduled throughout the year based on faculty interest. If you would like to attend one, or have an additional topic to suggest, please contact Brandon Patterson.

Additionally, faculty members have peer resources available to assist with proposal development.  Faculty reviewers are W&L professors who have experience applying for (and winning) grants. While our office critiques proposals on the mechanics, structure and form required on a per funding agency basis, it is tremendously helpful to have a faculty reviewer read your proposal for ideas and content.

Because many review panels are made up of readers from different disciplines, it is useful to have someone outside your department read your proposal as well as having it read by someone who works in your area. Those outside your discipline will be particularly well suited to pointing out where you've made assumptions about common knowledge, relied on jargon, etc.

Each faculty member listed below has generously volunteered to assist others in the grants process:

  • Linda Hooks, Professor of Economics
  • Helen I'Anson, Professor of Biology
  • Suzanne Keen, Dean of the College
  • Krzysztof Jasiewicz, Professor of Sociology and Anthropology
  • Mike Smitka, Professor of Economics
  • David Peterson, Professor of History
  • Robert Stewart, Professor of Psychology