Recent and Ongoing Faculty Awards

Professor of English Hank Dobin: Associated Colleges of the South grant to complete a digital timeline of the life of the Earl of Essex

Assistant Professors of Biology Natalia Toporikova, Sarah Blythe and Gregg Whitworth: Jeffress Memorial Trust grant for the project "Using Gene Expression and Mathematical Modeling To Uncover the Effects of Diet‑Induced Obesity on Reproductive Hormone Cycling and Fertility"

Associate Professor of Geology Jeffrey Rahl: Keck Geology Consortium grant for the project "Exhumation and Tectonic Significance of the Wood Hills-East Humboldt Range Metamorphic Core Complex in Nevada"

William E. Pritchard III '80 Professor of Geology Christopher Connors: Support from the Commonwealth (of Virginia) Research Commercialization Fund to create high-resolution three-dimensional images of notable, difficult-to-reach geological sites using sophisticated software and photographs taken by drones

Provost Daniel Wubah:  National Science Foundation grant to supplement the ongoing NSF-funded International Research Experiences for Undergraduates Site Program at the University of Cape Coast, Ghana

Associate Professor of Mathematics Kevin Beanland: National Science Foundation grant for the "Virginia Operator Theory and Complex Analysis Meetings"

Assistant Professor of Art History Melissa Kerin: American Council of Learned Societies fellowship for the 2014-15 academic year to document and analyze Buddhist shrines in Tibet, India, Nepal and the United States

Professor of Law Johanna Bond: Fulbright U.S. Scholar Grant to study, January through June 2015, access to legal aid in criminal proceedings in Tanzania and Zanzibar, working with scholars at the University of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania and teaching a course in human rights at the university

Associate Clinical Professor of Law J. D. King (director, Criminal Justice Clinic): Fulbright U.S. Scholar Grant at the Universidad Viña del Mar in Chile during fall 2014 to study the evolution of criminal defense in that country

Assistant Professor of Law Jill Fraley: Fulbright U.S. Scholar Grant at Trinity College in Dublin during the 2014-15 academic year to research the development of property law in Scotland and Ireland

Assistant Professor of Business Administration Renee Pratt: IBM Center for the Business of Government research stipend to study open-source computing