Recent and Ongoing Faculty Awards

Associate Professor of Biology Nadia Ayoub: National Science Foundation grant for the research project "Integrating Molecular and Material Evolution of Spider Aqueous Glues" with collaborators at W&L, Virginia Tech and the American Museum of Natural History in New York

Professor of Geology Jeffrey Rahl: National Science Foundation proposal for the research project "Identifying Sediment Sources and Routing ofTranscontinental Drainages during Intraplate Deformation" with a collaborator at the University of Houston 

Associate Professor of Art History Melissa Kerin: Howard Foundation fellowship to continue her work to document and analyze Buddhist shrines in the Tibetan cultural zone - Tibet, India and Nepal 

Associate Professor of Art History Andrea Lepage and Staniar Gallery Director Clover Archer: Virginia Humanities grant to support the exhibit Unearthed: Desenterrado 

Clinical Professor of Law and Tax Clinic Director Michelle Drumbl: Internal Revenue Service grants for the School of Law's Low-Income Taxpayer Clinic 

IQ Center Academic Technologist David Pfaff: J. Edwin Treakle Foundation grants for virtual-reality equipment 

Associate Professor of Economics Martin Davies: grant from the Development Policy Center at the Crawford School of Public Policy at Australian National University for the projects "Savings Behavior in Papua New Guinea" (with Professor of Economics Niels-Hugo Blunch) and "Macroeconomic Policy in Resource Rich Developing Countries" 

Professor of Mathematics Kevin Beanland: National Science Foundation grant for annual conferences for math professors in Virginia on operator theory and complex analysis 

Assistant Professor of Spanish Seth Michelson: National Endowment for the Arts grant for a trilingual translation of two poetry collections by Mapuche-Argentine poet Liliana Ancalao 

Redenbaugh Professor of German Paul Youngman: Associated Colleges of the South grant for digital-humanities collaboration between W&L and the University of Virginia

Johnson Professor of History Nicolaas Rupke: Associated Colleges of the South collaborative grant for the project "Science, Society and the Archives" 

Assistant Professor of Chemistry/Biochemistry Kyle Friend: Commonwealth (of Virginia) Health Research Board grant for the project "Investigating Enzyme Activity-Independent Defects in Metabolic Disorders" 

Associate Professor of Anthropology Alison Bell: Virginia Humanities grant for work on the book Vital Dead

Professor of Classics Rebecca Benefiel:  National Endowment for the Humanities Grant to support digitization of Pompeian epigraphy as part of the Ancient Graffiti Project (with collaborator from Millsaps Collage and an independent scholar)

Associate Professor of Mathematics Aaron Abram: Simons Foundation grant for the project "Geometric and combinatorial configurations"

Professor of Geology Jeffery Rahl: National Museum of Natural History grant for the project " Early Mississippian Age climate changes and biological consequences"

Assistant Professor of Chemistry/Biochemistry Kyle Friend: Jeffress Trust Awards Program in Interdisciplinary Research grant for the project "Translational control at the boundary between the pluripotent and differentiated state"

Professor of Biology William Hamilton: National Park Services award for the project "The Influence of Grazing in Soil System Dynamics Throughout Bison-Use Areas in Yellowstone National Park"

Associate Professor of English Holly Pickett: Huntington Library and Folger Shakespeare Library grants to complete work on the book Sensational Idolatry

Robert O. and Elizabeth M. Bentley Professor of Chemistry Erich Uffelman:  Samuel H. Kress Foundation award for the project "Technical Art History at the 2016 and 2018 Gordon Research Seminars: Assembling an International Team of Experts to Build a Curriculum of the Latest Technical Art History" (with collaborators at Winterthur Museum, Garden and Library and Cornell University)

Assistant Professor of History Barton Myers: Filson Foundation fellowship to conduct research on guerrilla warfare during the Civil War.

Professor of Geology David Harbor: NASA subgrant for the research project "Distributed Strain in Southern Pakistan: How and Why Do Single Faults Slip in Multiple Directions?"

Associate Professor of Classics Rebecca Benefiel and Associate Professor of Computer Science Sara Sprenkle: National Endowment for the Humanities grant to create digital tools for studying ancient graffiti in the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum

Professor of Biology Paul Cabe: Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries grant for the project "Taxonomy, Ecological Modeling, and Conservation Status Determination of Orconectes (cf.) punctimanus [Spothanded Crayfish] in Virginia"

Assistant Clinical Professor of Law David Baluarte, director of the Immigration Rights Clinic: Fulbright U.S. Scholar grant to research Argentina's stateless population and teach at the University of Buenos Aires School of Law