Responsibilities of the Project Director

Project Directors operate under the supervision of the department chair and the relevant dean, both of which must approve the project description and budget before any proposal is submitted. All proposals for externally funded projects must be submitted through the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations and Faculty Grant Support for review and submission at least two weeks before the deadline.

Washington and Lee is the legal recipient of all contracts or award documents and other legally binding agreements including leases, facility rental, independent contractor agreements, or other agreements that involve risk or liability to the University. These legally binding documents and agreements must be reviewed, approved, and signed by the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations and Faculty Grant Support. No work should begin on a project until the University has a legally binding award document. Work done prior to that time might not be reimbursed by the funding agency, making Project Directors and Washington and Lee liable for any unreimbursed costs.

The principal responsibilities of PDs are:

  • Selecting project personnel.
  • Directing research; supervising personnel.
  • Procuring supplies and equipment through the Business Office, in accordance with University procurement regulations and accounting for supplies and equipment.
  • Authorizing expenditures and submission of payment forms to the Business Office in compliance with terms of the grant or contract.
  • Observing University travel regulations.
  • Adhering to good laboratory practices and procedures that assure quality of data and reports.
  • Working with the General Counsel if the grant or contract creates legal obligations or requires legal representation.
  • Submitting progress and final reports when and as required by the grant, contract or the University.