Search W&L's Funding Databases

Washington and Lee subscribes to several funding-related services through both InfoEd and through GrantForward. All University faculty, staff, and students may use these tools to improve their funding prospects.  Please don't hesitate to contact us for help in using these services: CFR gladly provides individual and group instruction on these tools. 



This grant database is a powerful tool with a great number of search features. We recommend you start with a narrow search, e.g., "parallel processing," then move to a wider search, e.g., "computer science" if your results are meager.


GENIUS is an international networking program for promoting your interests and work, and for connecting with colleagues. We recommend all faculty create a GENIUS profile. This profile will allow you to receive e-mail notifications of upcoming grant opportunities via the SMARTS grant-matching service.


  • SPIN is particularly good at finding grants in the humanities; it also has a large database of grantors located abroad.
  • Anyone on a W&L network may use SPIN; off-network use requires creating an account.
  • By creating an account, you can save searches.
  • New users will find this short guide useful:  SPIN Reference Guide

Grant Forward

Like SPIN, Grant Forward is a searchable database for grants. Just as with SPIN, we recommend you begin searching with a narrow focus.