Students Engaged in Community Medicine

The Students Engaged In Community Medicine club aspires to connect those currently involved in extracurricular activities such as being an EMT, CNA, etc. that all aim to benefit the community's well being and health. Our goal is to grow a community of individuals wanting to integrate into the local community by finding more long-term volunteer positions. This will allow for students to build deeper connections with health providers and members of the community while learning more about local patient care.

Contact: Patrick Murphy '18 and Clara Easterlin '18



Living in Lexington, Virginia there is a limited amount of opportunities to get hands on patient care or volunteer experience, both for those interested in careers in medicine or those simply interested in getting involved. There is a lack of communication between students interested in and students knowledgeable of how to get involved in contributing to the health of the community, and this club aims to bridge that gap. The phrase "Community Medicine" refers experiences outside of the W&L campus and getting involved as an EMT, CNA, hospital volunteer, Medical scribe, etc.

Article I: Name

1.1 The organization will be titled, "Students Engaged In Community Medicine".

Article II: Mission Statement 

2.1 Students Engaged in Community Medicine aspires to connect students with genuine interest in finding ways to have hands on experience in providing patient care. We envision this group to be not only to be of educational use to students interested in paths that fellow students have already taken, but also a support group for students who are having similar experiences. This group will hopefully work as an infrastructure for students to feel more comfortable exploring areas of medicine and patient care while also providing an invaluable service to the surrounding community.

Article III: Membership Requirements

3.1. Be a student at W&L

3.2. Fill out appropriate application that shows genuine interest

3.3. a. New members must either already be involved in community medicine, or commit to increase their level of engagement in community medicine.

3.3. b. Presidents may dismiss members if students are not making a conscious effort to further their involvement in community medicine

Article IV: Officers

4.1. Two Co-presidents will facilitate the group's goals by planning and running meetings, reaching out to alumni regarding student opportunities in medical application, and serving as an overall information source for the group. Both presidents will also be responsible for recruiting new members to ensure the longevity of the club. Presidents will maintain group vision and level of standard as well. New positions may be added if both presidents deem necessary and the majority of the group agrees.

Article V: Elections

5.1 Elections will be held at the last meeting of the school year and be led one or both presidents.

5.2 The co-presidents will ask the group for nominations for next year's co-presidents; any member of the organization can be nominated.

5.3 After nominations, an anonymous vote will follow and the two nominees with the most votes will be the new co-presidents.

Article VI: Meeting

6.1 Meetings will be called by the co-presidents and will act as both a time to communicate about new goals for the group but also act as a time of fellowship and to share new experiences or challenges that may of been faced since the last meeting.

6.2 Members at the meetings are expected to treat others with the utmost respect and must abide by HIPPA's confidentiality agreements.

Article VII: Benefit to Local Community

7.1 The benefit to the Washington and Lee community is to create a space for those interested in hands on application of community medicine. This will encourage more individuals to explore interests in these fields due to the shared knowledge and support.

7.2 Working in many areas of community health, such as being an EMT or CAN, can be a jarring new experience. Having a group of individuals that have either gone through similar experiences, or are going through them now, will allow for individuals to feel more secure.

7.3 Encouraging students to take on long term volunteer opportunities will have a direct benefit for the community outside of W&L. Having more students diversify and improve their abilities will offer the community a larger work or volunteer force that can fulfill real needs that exist.

Article VIII: Amendments and By-Laws

8.1 Amendments to this constitution can be offered by any group member and will only be approved by a majority in-person vote.