Rocky Horror Picture Show Fan Club

Contact: Rachael Miller '18 and Shaun Soman '17

Mission Statement: The group’s central goal is to provide the Washington and Lee campus with an avenue for illuminating diverse perspectives and facilitating creative expression through performance. Beyond the artistic element of this organization, we are strongly concerned with issues related to gender and sexuality on our campus. Having already established connections to the Law School, the organization seeks to foster stronger ties among the W&L community and the greater Lexington community. In doing so, the group seeks to aid in the development of a diverse, accepting community.

Requirements for membership: The Rocky Horror Picture Show Shadow Cast makes membership available to all members of the Washington and Lee student body, including the Law School. Applications are not required, yet full-members must actively display a commitment to the organization by participating in regular rehearsals, logistical meetings, and other miscellaneous activities. Beyond this, as we are applying for recognition for the first time, we are eager to work with the Executive Committee to allow involvement with the organization by members of the Lexington community.

We in the Rocky Horror Picture Show Fan Club strongly believe in promoting awareness and critical discussion of both film and issues related to gender and sexuality not only on W&L’s campus, but beyond. We believe that our group serves as yet another avenue through with such issues may be engaged with in a lighthearted, easily-accessible manner. Ultimately, we strive to be an organization which will aid in strengthening a welcoming, diverse campus and community here in Lexington. 

Organization of Leadership/Officers & Description of duties associated with each position:

Major Roles:

  • President: Oversees the production process of each show; may double as the director. Delegates minor roles. In the case that the role of Director is not filled by the President, both the Director and Social Media Chair will report to the President. 
  • Vice-President: Fills roles of President in their absence. May be tasked with fulfilling miscellaneous obligations at the President’s request.
  • Secretary: Oversees all logistical information for the group, including but not limited to: e-mails, group messaging, updating group membership, official correspondence, and other miscellaneous duties. The props master and community outreach chair report to the secretary.

Minor Roles: 

  • Director: Charged with scheduling rehearsals, reserving relevant spaces, and running the show.
  • Props Master: Maintains a running list of props that are necessary for the show, those which have already been acquired, etc., and oversees their use during practices and performances. 
  • Social Media/Publicity Chair: Regularly updates the shadow cast’s Facebook page to promote events and designs fliers.
  • Community Outreach Chair: Tasked with working with outside student organizations in co-sponsoring events of shared interest.

The month of elections and the election process: The election process occurs in either April or May of Winter/Spring term. Members who have demonstrated significant commitment to the organization and its mission may either nominate themselves or be nominated by another active member of the group. After all such nominations have been made, the standing Secretary and President work together to provide ballots to all active members of the organization. All minor roles are then either filled by the executive members or are assigned to other active members on a performance-to-performance basis.