Pre-Health Club

The Pre-Health club is open to any student interested in the health professions regardless of major or desired profession within the healthcare field. It is the object of the club to establish comradery between these students, who may become colleagues, and to complement the pre-health education at W&L by providing programs and events angled towards enriching the pre-health experience. The club also strives to provide resources for underclassmen navigating the pre-health tracks, and for upperclassmen preparing to enter graduate programs.

Contact: Julio Hidalgo Lopez '20

Article I - Mission Statement

            It is the mission of the W&L Pre-Health club to provide resources, support, and networking opportunities to the large pre-health student population on campus. The club shall achieve this by working with the school's pre-health advisor to organize events and programs for the enrichment and development of pre-health students, and by encouraging a sense of comradery between pre-health students who may one day become colleagues. The club shall be open to all students interested in the health professions and shall serve to guide students considering becoming pre-health to the decision which is best for them.   

Article II - Membership            
Membership shall be open to the entire undergraduate student body regardless of major or field of interest within the health professions. The only requisites for becoming a member shall be to have an interest in the health professions. Members must register with the club to fully enjoy membership in the club. There shall be no membership fees required to join the Pre-Health Club.            
Members of the Pre-Health Club may, and are encouraged to, attend both general body and leadership meetings. While these meeting may be made open to the general public, members shall enjoy the added benefit of receiving meeting minutes and announcements directly from the leadership and will be given priority for any club sponsored event or program, some of which may be exclusively for members. Furthermore, only members of the club are eligible to run for a leadership position and vote in the elections.   

Article III - Leadership of the Club            
The leadership of the W&L Pre-Health Club shall consist of a President, a Vice President a Secretary, a Treasurer, Outreach Chair, Programming Chair, and four Class Representatives in addition to any other positions the leadership deems necessary. These officers will be elected, and must abdicate their office if unable to serve due to extenuating circumstances or taking a term abroad. In this case, the president is responsible for appointing a member of the club to fill the office pro tempore; the leadership must confirm this appointee before he or she takes office.  

I.               The President            

A President will be elected every year; he or shall work closely with the vice president to achieve the duties of this office and make sure the club runs efficiently.            
Presidential duties include: coordinating programming for the club, keeping the University's Health Professions Advisor informed about the activities of the club and vice versa, delegating any tasks seen as necessary to other members of the leadership or involved members of the general membership, calling emergency meetings of the club's leadership, appointing any pro tempore officers to fill unforeseen vacancies in the leadership, and any other executive roles which may be necessary.            
The President may delegate any of his duties to the vice president as he or she sees fit.            
In the case that the President is unavailable, or must leave office, the vice president will become acting President. Should the vice president be unavailable to assume the office of president, one of the senior class representatives will become president.   

II.             The Vice President

One Vice President will be elected every year; he or she shall work closely with the president to achieve the duties of this office and make sure the club runs efficiently. Vice Presidential duties include; presiding over meetings of the leadership and meetings of the general membership, managing meeting schedules for the leadership, and aiding the president in fulfilling his duties. The Vice President may delegate any of his duties to the president as he or she sees fit.  

III.           The Secretary            

One Secretary will be elected every year. In addition to the normal duties of secretary, the Secretary will also serve the dual role of historian for the club.            

The duties of the Secretary are as follows: keeping minutes and taking notes during meeting of the leadership and general body and making those minutes available to the general body, taking attendance at meetings of the leadership, counting votes and managing elections, announcing election results to the leadership and general membership, and aiding the President and Vice President in fulfilling their duties.            

As historian, the Secretary shall: keep an archive of the history of the club and its leadership throughout the years, recording the events and programs of the club, and making this information available to everyone.  

IV.           The Treasurer            

One Treasurer will be elected every year. The duties of the Treasurer shall be: to manage the club's budget every year, to maintain a record of all the money spent by the club and all funds allocated to the club each year, to audit the club's funds at the end of each term and make the leadership and the general membership aware of any discrepancies, to reimburse any officers or involved members for monies spent on behalf of the club, to aid the leadership in planning the financials associated with any events or programming, to act as liaison between the club and W&L's Executive Committee regarding funds, and to aid the President and Vice President in fulfilling their duties.  

V.            The Outreach Chair

One Outreach Chair will be elected every year. The duties of the Outreach Chair are as follows: maintaining a contact list of W&L alumni who have entered the health professions and communicating with the University's Health Professions advisor to meet this end, contacting professionals in the health-related fields and bringing them to speak on campus whenever possible, maintaining an archive of all speakers the club has brought on campus and brief overviews of their speeches, and working closely with the president and treasurer to fulfill the roles of this office.  

VI.          Programming Chair

One Programming Chair will be elected every year.            

The duties of the Programming Chair are as follows: organizing health-related certification classes, working with local and national organizations to provide activities for the enrichment of pre-health students, organizing volunteer opportunities centered around health and care for others, establishing and maintaining a mentorship program between upperclassmen and underclassmen, working with the University's Health Professions Advisor and STEM Career Development Advisor to organize seminars focused on helping pre-health students with applications to graduate programs, maintaining a library of educational tools for the club which shall be made available to all the club's members, and working closely with the president and treasurer to fulfill the roles of this office.  

VII.         Class Representatives            

Four class representatives shall be elected each year; one from each undergraduate class.             The duties of the Class Representative are: to participate in the planning and execution of any events and programming the club shall hold, to act as liaison between the leadership and their respective classes, to keep their respective classes aware of the proceedings of the club, and to promote involvement in the club within their class.  

VIII.       Elections            

All officer elections shall be held late Winter Term; except for the election of the First-Year Class Representatives, which will take place early Fall Term, and emergency replacement elections. Replacement elections should be held as soon as possible after an office has been abdicated.            

All members of the club are eligible to run for office. Any members interested in joining the leadership shall send in an application at least two weeks prior to the election date. This application shall be made by the current year's leadership and provided to the general membership in a timely manner, and should include questions regarding the member's interest in joining the leadership and how they would contribute to the club. There may be no campaigning before the elections.            
Elections shall be held over the course of one week which shall start with a general body meeting, where the candidates may introduce themselves to the club and state their candidacy. Members present may then cast a ballot for the candidate they support. Members abroad are also eligible to vote. The voting may be done electronically or on paper. Each member of the club shall be allowed to fill out one ballot per voting round.            

It is the Secretary's responsibility to set up the elections and can elicit the aid of the President and Vice President in to this end. The Secretary shall also provide a biography of each candidate to every member of the club, and is responsible for making the ballot available to all member, both on-campus and abroad, and for making sure that voting and campaigning rules are followed. The Secretary is solely responsible for counting the votes, coordinating voting rounds, and announcing the newly-elected officers.            

A majority of votes gathered shall be required for a member to assume office. The Secretary may implement voting rounds at his or her discretion            

After being elected, the new officers will be sworn in by their current counterparts, except for the First-Year Class Representatives which shall be sworn in by the President.            

It shall be the responsibility of the current leadership to educate the new officers on their respective office and the club's leadership structure. New officers should ideally sit in on at least one meeting of the leadership before assuming office for their respective term.  

IX.           Appointments            

Any pro tempore officers appointed by the President must be confirmed by a simple majority of the leadership. Only the Class Representatives may be allowed to vote on an appointee. In the case of a tie, the Treasurer shall give the tie-breaking vote.

X.             Abdication            

Shall any member of the leadership be unable to adequately fulfill the responsibilities of their office due to an unforeseen circumstance, which leads to their absence from the University, or due to taking a full twelve-week semester abroad, they shall abdicate their office.            

The President may take a leave of absence from his duties for a period of no longer than six weeks during a twelve-week term, during which the Vice President shall become acting President. Should the President not return to office after the six-week period, he shall fully abdicate his office.             Should any member of the leadership wish to resign from his or her office, he or she shall do so in writing which shall be submitted to the rest of the leadership.  

XI.           Additional Information            

Any additional offices may be established by the leadership for any term or added to those in this constitution to fulfill a role they see necessary. Adding a position to the constitution shall require a two thirds majority vote of the leadership and elections may then follow to fill it. The leadership may also form or dissolve committees from the general membership and appoint chairs at their discretion to aid in the running of the club.            

An officer may only be stripped of his or her office for failure to uphold their respective duties, or if he or she has become detrimental to the leadership or the club. In this case, it shall take a unanimous vote from the rest of the membership for the officer to be terminated.   

Article IV - The Running of the Club            
The main purpose of the club shall be to provide resources, support, and guidance to pre-health students and prospective pre-health students. To this end, it shall be the responsibility of the leadership to plan events and programming to benefit the club and its members and shall coordinate with the University's Pre-Health Advisor, Career Development office, and any other office necessary to help pre-health students achieve success. The leadership shall also meet regularly and hold regular meeting of the general membership.  

I.               Meetings            

The leadership shall meet at least bi-weekly. There shall be a meeting of the general membership once a month. It is the responsibility of each year's leadership to schedule these meetings, and inform the general membership in a timely fashion. Minutes of each meeting shall be made available to all members of the club. The President shall hold the power to call emergency meetings of the leadership.             Emergency meetings of the general body may be held if called for by the President, affirmed by the Vice President, and with a two thirds majority approval of the Class Representatives. Meetings of the leadership shall be presided upon by the Vice President. Meetings of the general body shall be presided upon by the Vice President and shall serve to inform the general membership of the proceeding of the club or to have any programming. These meetings may be more relaxed than meetings of the leadership.             During election week, there shall be two meetings of the general body.  The first meeting shall be held at the beginning of the election period and shall serve to educate the membership on voting procedures, introduce the candidates, and open the ballots to voting. The second meeting shall be held at the end of the voting period and shall serve to formally announce and swear in the newly elected officers. Both meetings shall be presided upon by the Secretary. The leadership shall have two budgetary meetings each year. The first shall be during early Fall Term to discuss the club's budget for the year and lay out rough plan on how use the club's funds. The second shall be near the end of Winter Term or during early Spring Term to review the club's spending over the year and plan the budget for the following year. These meetings shall be presided upon by the Treasurer.

II.             Events and Programming            

It is the responsibility of the leadership to plan and events and programming that shall serve to enrich the pre-health experience at W&L. Whenever possible, the leadership shall make events and programs free of charge to its members and the public, and where this cannot be done they shall minimize the costs. The leadership may utilize the club's budget and other resources to this end.  

III.           Coordination and Cooperation            

It is crucial for the running of the club that the leadership coordinate and cooperate with the University's Pre-Health Advisor to uphold the club's mission. It shall, thus, be the President's duty to act as liaison between the club's leadership and the University's Pre-Health Advisor. To aid in the development of pre-med students, the leadership of the club may request the help of the Office of Career Development and refer its members to the resources it offers. The club's leadership shall involve these, and any other office of the University, to fulfill its mission and provide programming and events for its members. The leadership may also cooperate with any student-run clubs on campus for events and programming.   

IV.           Amendments to the Constitution

This Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of the leadership, and approval by the President. A unanimous vote of the rest of the leadership may override a veto from the President The general membership of the club may override or stop an amendment to this constitution by presenting a petition signed by a simple majority of the membership to the leadership.