Polo Club

The Washington and Lee Polo Association provides opportunities for polo training and competition to its membership.
It serves to maintain equestrian training opportunities for riders wishing to ride recreationally or establish a polo-playing base. The Washington and Lee Polo Association is Co-ed.

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Contact: Amanda Ebling '19


2nd Edition

Drafted by John Paul Beall '14, Co-President
Ratified for the club this 12th day of March 2014

I. Preamble

a. Introduction 

i. The members of the Washington and Lee Polo Club ratify this Club Constitution. 
ii. This Constitution is established for the purpose of establishing the essential functions and processes of the Polo Club for the current and future stability of our organization and the completion of its Purposes.  
iii. We make and establish it under the Washington and Lee University Club Sports Program.  
iv. Any previous Constitution for the Polo Club is to be null and void. 
v. The most current copy of this Constitution and any Amendments is to be maintained with the Club Advisor in the Campus Recreation Department. 

b. Purposes 

i. To compete nationally as a USPA I/I team, representing our university in intercollegiate polo competition 
ii. Provide formal training for students who wish to play polo competitively  
iii. Provide formal training for students who wish to play polo recreationally 
iv. Provide opportunities for students to trail ride on our polo ponies under club member supervision 

II. Membership

a. All membership shall fall into these three categories: 

i. Varsity, Men's or Women's 
ii. Club 
iii. Riding Club 
iv. Alumni

b. Varsity and Club must be currently enrolled students demonstrating a minimum equestrian skill level as determined by the team captain.   

c. Riders may be any currently enrolled student interested in improving their equestrian skills. 

d. Alumni shall consist of any alumnus or alumna of the W&L Polo Club or of Washington and Lee University. 

III. Officers

a. The two Co-heads (President and Vice President) shall: 

i. Preside over all meetings, and manage practices and competitions in coordination with coaches and instructors as necessary. 
ii. Coordinate all business of the club either by managing or delegating to officers or appointees within their discretion. 
iii. They must fulfill their roles in the Operations listed in Article IV as stipulated. Authority may be delegated with oversight. 
iv. Manage the Constitution, the officers, and the Succession and Appointments of officers (according to protocol below). 
v. Manage the club's relationship with (and uphold the requirements of) the University Club Sports Program, USPA, and any other external personnel necessary for the operations of the club. 
vi. Manage both the polo and riding functions of the club. 
vii. The Co-heads may divide and share work between themselves as they see fit.  
viii. In the case of absence or inability of the President, the other Vice President must see to any pressing business that arises until the other President is able to resume action. 

b. The Secretary shall: 

i. Manage the year's Roster of all student membership as determined in Recruitment. 
ii. Establish a Calendar of competitions, holidays from practice, clinics, potential outings or social events for the club. The calendar for must be presented to the Co-Presidents at least two weeks prior to the prior term's end for ratification and distribution. 
iii. Schedule all practices and calendar events.
iv. Keep minutes of officers' meetings. 
v. They must fulfill their roles in the Operations listed in Article IV as stipulated. 

c. The Treasurer shall: 

i. Maintain attendance records of membership practices in order to maintain accurate records concerning billing. 
ii. Take care of all payments, accounts, and money received by the club. 
iii. The regular and timely payment of USPA dues. 
iv. Keep record of expenditures made by the club according to the budget they determine. 
v. They must fulfill their roles in the Operations listed in Article IV as stipulated. 

d. The Public Relations Chair shall: 

i. Manage the club's relationship with the student body, social media followers, student newspaper, University Communications Office, or USPA publications. 
ii. Furnish any tournament news or club events to be published in the USPA monthly newsletter. 
iii. Manage any report needed by University officials. 
iv. They must fulfill their roles in the Operations listed in Article IV as stipulated. 

e. Officer Term Periods & Appointment are as follows: 

i. Term Periods 

1. The Co-Presidents shall hold office until replacement of the pair is necessary. 
2. All other officers are to serve in one year terms. 
3. All terms are to begin and end with the first week of Spring Term. 
4. Transition is to begin with training after appointments are made in the Winter Term prior to the official change.

ii. Appointment 

1. The appointment of all officers must take place in the Winter Term of the Presidential Turnover or of the end of the officer's term. 
2. The Co-heads are to be appointed in pairs by the outgoing Co-heads. 
3. All other officers and the Captain of the Riders Group are to be appointed by the Co-President in consultation with the outgoing Co-Presidents. Other outgoing officers may be consulted as needed. 
4. Interim officers may be appointed by the Co-Presidents to replace officers absent for defined periods. These reasons may include but are not limited to study abroad or health leave of absence. Said officer may resume their office upon ability to return to office for the remainder of their term. 

iii. Emergency Election Procedure 

1. The term of an officer may be ended early in the case that said officer is chronically and not adequately completing business in their charge to the needs of the club. This reason may include. 
2. To end an officer's term, a 66% majority of both the general Active Membership and the other officers is needed. The Co-Presidents shall appoint the replacement for the remainder of the officer's term. 
3. In the case that a pair of Co-Presidents is not fulfilling their office as described above in Item 1 of this subsection, the same procedure in Item 2 may be followed and a new pair elected by a 51% majority of the entire Active Membership including officers.  
4. Other appointments necessary at that time are then at the new Co-Presidents' discretion.

IV. Operations

a. Polo Competition & Training 

i. The Polo Club must compete officially (as determined by the USPA) at least twice in each season, in order to keep USPA membership and qualify for the USPA tournament. 
ii. Practices focusing on polo skills shall be held no less than twice each month for Active members. 
iii. Polo clinics must also be held at regular intervals as determined by the officers responsible.
iv. The officers responsible are: 

1. Co-heads 
2. Secretary 

b. Riders Group 

i. Can consist of Riders, Club, and Varsity 
ii. Able to ride polo ponies certain days of the week with team captain's assistance 
iii. Instruction for beginners 
iii. Riders members wishing to become Club members, and thereby participate in polo practices and competitions, must meet a set of riding qualifications fixed by the team captain.  
iv. Riders may vote in any considerations concerning the Riders Group. 

c. Recruitment 

i. Is to take place at least every Fall Term and then as needed. 
ii. The club shall make applications available to the student body. 
iii. Any additional screening steps needed may be determined by the Officers responsible for Recruitment. 
iv. Those officers are responsible for making final selection of membership. 
v. The officers responsible are:

1. Secretary 
2. Co-heads 
3. The Captain of the Riders Group may also be consulted. 

d. Finance 

i. Budgeting and Forecasting 

1. Must take place each year prior to the official installment of the new officers. 
2. These numbers should inform the Financial activities below. 
3. The Treasurer shall construct a budget to conform with the expected calendar determined by all officers. 
4. The budget must be approved by the Co-heads 

ii. Fundraising 

1. Levels of external funding in excess of club dues and billing, as determined in budgeting, must be raised from external grants, donations, optional member contributions, merchandise sales, and other fundraising activities. 
2. Fundraising expectations and goals must be made clear to the officers before the plan can be ratified. 
3. For ratification a simple majority of the officers and the approval of the Co-heads is required. 
4. The officers responsible are: 

a. Treasurer 
b. Public Relations Chair 
c. All other officers and members must contribute as needed. 

iii. Dues and Billing 

1. Dues for Active Members shall be set at a fixed rate per term each year.
2. Dues for Riding Members shall be set at a fixed rate per term each year. 
3. Dues shall be collected on a term basis. 
4. Dues shall be determined by the following officers: 

a. Treasurer 
b. President 
c. Captain  

i. May be created and purchased for members, promotion, and/or fundraising.
ii. Quantities purchased for sale and promotion should not exceed amounts that can be reasonably expected to sell within one year. 
iv. The officers responsible are: 

1. Secretary 
2. Treasurer

V. Standing Rules

a. Team membership eligibility shall be selected by participation in club activities, practices, and ability. 
b. Team members must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0. 
c. All outstanding bills and debts to Washington and Lee Polo Club must be paid prior to eligibility. 
d. It is the responsibility of every team member to insure the safety of the horses at the bam. All team members must accept all safety instructions and follow them explicitly for the well being of everyone on the team.

VI. Insurance

a. Each participant is required to prove insurance from either Washington and Lee's insurance program or their own provider.
b. Assumption of responsibility statements are to be obtained from every rider.

VII. Amendment Process

a. May be proposed by any active member of the club. 
b. Ratification 

i. Any proposal must still remain in line with the policies of the University, the Club Sports Program, and the USPA, as well as align with the laws of the land. 
ii. The proposal must be put to a vote of all active membership and pass with 66% approval.