Washington and Lee Technology Team

We seek to provide opportunities for W&L students to express and cultivate their passion for technological innovation through club projects, events, and volunteerism.


a. History of Organization

The Technology Team was founded and the constitution drafted during the Fall Term of 2015. Many universities have similarly technologically-focused clubs, but the Technology Team is the first of its kind to exist on W&L's campus, joining the ranks of a few other tangentially-related technological clubs.

b. Mission statement

The Technology Team's mission is to foster technological literacy and skills across the Washington and Lee campus and within the surrounding community. It seeks to provide opportunities for students interested in technological innovation to express and cultivate their passion through involvement in club projects, student-led open events, and volunteerism to ensure that all members of the Lexington community have access to the technological knowledge necessary to successfully navigate the twenty-first century.

c. Requirements for membership

All members must attend at least one meeting or event per month and/or be actively involved in the completion of a project.

d. Organization of Leadership/Officers

President: The President oversees and maintains the cohesiveness of the club and executes responsibilities to each of the officers. The President is responsible for working with the Secretary to plan and preside over all general and officer meetings.
Vice President: The Vice President works closely to assist the President and the Projects, Events, and Community Service Chairs. The Vice President performs presidential duties if the President is unavailable.
Projects Chair: The Projects Chair organizes and ensures the execution of all club projects. The Projects Chair delegates tasks, sets goals and deadlines, and oversees all aspects of projects from beginning to end. The Projects Chair should have advanced knowledge in the field of computer science and be willing and able to provide assistance to club members concerning project tasks.
Community Service Chair: The Community Service Chair plans and organizes technology-related service opportunities for club members. The Community Service Chair actively participates in service opportunities and oversees any necessary training or logistical planning.
Events Chair: The Events Chair oversees and organizes at least one open event each month. The Events Chair's duties include recruiting and collaborating with the students who will lead the events, reserving rooms and equipment, and publicizing the event through the creation of fliers and the use of social media.
Secretary: The Secretary reserves meeting rooms, notifies members about meetings, records minutes, and takes attendance. The Secretary also collaborates with the Events Chair to publicize events and works with the other officers to create a calendar of events for the month.
Treasurer: The Treasurer estimates and proposes the yearly budget, allocates funds, and handles all monetary facets of the club.

Officers will serve one year terms, commencing upon election, and members may be elected to multiple terms in office. The first officers will be chosen through an application process. In subsequent years, the election of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary will be decided by majority vote in May using a secret ballot system. The Projects Chair, Events Chair, and Community Service Chair will be selected by the outgoing President, Vice President, and faculty advisor through an application process.

e. How the organization will be beneficial to Washington and Lee University and/or the surrounding community

Volunteer projects will allow the club to spread technological literacy and related skills to Lexington community members by providing technology-related instruction and guidance.
Club projects will allow students to collaborate and gain hands-on experience with technological ventures that will benefit the Washington and Lee community. These projects will also provide students with a way to learn from each other and gain practical understanding in technological fields.
Open events will allow students to express their passion for specific facets of technology with other members of the W&L community. These events will consist of student-led presentations or activities pertaining to relevant technological topics and will allow members to spread knowledge of these areas to their peers.