Rowing Club

The Rowing Club aims to provide students with an opportunity to row racing boats competitively.



While the current rowing club is new (it was founded last year) rowing at Washington and Lee traces its roots back much further. Throughout the 20th century W&L has had a very competitive rowing program, one of the retired coach's sons is the Harvard coach, one of the best and most prestigious crews in the nation. This first club fell apart towards the end of the 20th century. In the early 2000's a new rowing club was chartered and successfully run for a handful of years. We still have the trailer and some boats they purchased. This club too, however, fell apart around 5 years ago when some of the students who did most of the organization graduated. The reason for this failure was due to a lack of size in the club. Had there been more, and younger students on the club, as the older students graduated there still would have been club leadership.

Mission Statement

The mission statement of the Rowing Club is to provide students an opportunity to row racing boats competitively, and aggressively market the club to younger students to create a sustainable organization.

Membership Requirements

Becoming a member is very simple, you just sign up. Anyone can participate in the land workouts, which are on ergs. To row on the water, a member must pass a swim test, and sign a liability waiver. While the odds of anything going wrong are very slim, the sport is relatively safe, these requirements are in place to protect the students, club, and school.

Campus Benefits

The benefits students receive from competitive rowing are numerous; the benefits listed are not hypothetical, but observed from high school rowing teams. As far improving gender relations, competitive rowing does this very well. In an athletic setting where men and women are tested and work together, meaningful bonds and friendships form. Another advantage is the health one: rowing is a great form of exercise and is very easy on one's joints. It is very fun and a great way to get a good workout. One of the last major benefits competitive rowing teaches is teamwork skills. Rowing is the ultimate team sport; everyone must row at the same rate, with the same power, and same technique. Without this, a boat will bounce from side to side and go in circles. To get the boat to go strait down a racecourse, everyone learns to work together and think as one unit. Finally, rowing is incredibly enjoyable. Rowing a good race, and seeing the progress your crew is making in terms of development are all very satisfying. While there are many other benefits to competitive rowing, these 4 are some of the most important.


The Rowing Club has 4 officers: the president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. The president's official role is to organize practice times and publicize these decisions to the club. The president's other job is to call meetings and preside over these. The vice president is in charge ensuring that all necessary equipment for practice is there. In case the president cannot fulfill his/her specific duties, the v.p. will temporarily take over. The secretary is in charge of maintaining records, including liability waivers. The treasurer works closely with the secretary, and maintains financial records. He/she also helps advise the club on spending, by researching the area in which money is to be spent or raised. Elections are held in October. A member who wishes to run for a position nominates himself/herself, and is elected by a simple majority of members.