GRAAC Generals Raising Awareness of Animal Cruelty

GRAAC promotes awareness about animal welfare, and to prevent and reduce animal cruelty on our campus, in the Rockbridge Community, and beyond.


Article I: Name and Purpose

Section A: Name
The name of this club shall be Generals Raising Awareness of Animal Cruelty (G.R.A.A.C).

Section B: Mission
To promote awareness about animal welfare, and to prevent and reduce animal cruelty on our campus, in the Rockbridge Community, and beyond.

Article II: History of G.R.A.A.C

GRAAC was initiated in 2012.The Constitution was drafted on March 18, 2012 by Marissa Gubler 2015 and finalized on April 1, 2012. It was approved by majority vote of G.R.A.A.C members present at the meeting.

Article III: Membership

Section A: Eligibility
All members of the W&L Community, including students, faculty, and staff, are welcome to join G.R.A.A.C. Rockbridge community members are also welcome to take part in events, but will not be counted as formal members.

Section B: Status
In order to be considered an active member of GRAAC, one must participate in at least one event per term, unless he/she is not able to be present on campus. They must also attend 50% of the general meetings where attendance will be taken.

Section C: Non-discrimination policy
G.R.A.A.C accepts members of all backgrounds and will not discriminate against race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or age.

Article IV: Officers

Section A: Roles
The officers serving as the Executive Board shall be the President, President, Secretary, Treasurer, Campus Relations Chair, and Cooking Coordinator. Officers will serve for one year or until their successors have been elected.

Section B: The President
The President is responsible for overseeing the organization, all organization meetings, and other officers. He/she is also responsible for communicating with the advisor and other school officials.

Section C: The Secretary
The Secretary is responsible for keeping an organized record of all meetings and sending minutes and necessary information to any members who were unable to attend. The secretary will also keep a record of all the meeting minutes for easy access. This position will be reserved when the need presents itself.

Section D: The Treasurer
The Treasurer is responsible for keeping an accurate record of all the money received and spent by G.R.A.A.C. At the end of the year, the treasurer is required to submit all financial records to our faculty advisor. They are also in charge of finalizing the budget and presenting it to the EC. Additionally, the treasurer will organize any fund-raising events. There may be one treasurer or two co-treasurers.

Section E: The Campus Relations Chair
The Campus Relations Chair is responsible for advertising any G.R.A.A.C sponsored events on campus via email, posters, campus notices, and other useful venues. They will also maintain the club's social media accounts.

Section F: The Cooking Coordinator
The Cooking Coordinator is responsible for organizing cooking lesson events and suggesting vegetarian and vegan recipes.

Article V: Election Process

Section A: Eligibility
All active members with a minimum 2.0 GPA are eligible for election.

Section B: Nomination
Members will be nominated for offices during the first meeting in March by another member of the group and given until the second meeting to assemble a platform.

Section C: Election
Officers will be elected in the second meeting in March by the majority vote of the quorum. There must be at least 51% of active members present at the G.R.A.A.C meeting in order for the elections to take place.

Section D: Term
Each term will last one year or until a successor is elected. There are no limits on the number of terms an officer can have.

Section E: Succession Clause
In the event that an officer must step down for any reason, the general body will hold an election to fill the role. Other officers may be nominated to take on a new role and in the case of election, a new member will fill the vacancy.

Section F: Removal from Office
An officer may be stripped of their position by a two-thirds vote of the general body. The officer may defend their position during the vote. After the removal, an election will be held the following meeting to fill the vacancy.

Section G: Officer Training
Each new officer will begin duties in the Spring Term following election.

Article VI: Meetings

General body meetings shall be held first and third Tuesday of every month at six p.m. Meetings shall be led by the president with a period of open discussion after the topics have been covered.

Article VII: Amendments

Amendments to the constitution will be adopted by a two-thirds vote during a meeting of 51% of the membership present in a meeting following the one at which the amendment was proposed. Any amendments must be approved by majority of the active officers.