Executive Commitee Treasurer Application

The Treasurer of the Executive Committee is a new position created by the 2016-2017 Constitutional Review Committee. Per the Student Body Constitution, the Treasurer shall "maintain comprehensive financial records of the expenditures of student organizations, work with the Business Office to administer distribution of Student Body funds in accordance with EC allocations, report to the EC every two weeks on the status of Student Body Accounts and relevant developments, issue a report to the Student Body summarizing the past term's activities and state of accounts, and give recommendations to the EC during the allocation process."

The Treasurer will be appointed by November 15th and will offically start on December 1st. Their term will end on December 1st of the following year. Students from all academic disciplines are welcome to apply! However, please note that students studying abroad or planning to studying abroad during any coinciding academic year will not be eligible to apply. This includes students who are graduating in the spring. 

Please answer the following questions in a word document and submit to ec@mail.wlu.edu. Applications are due at 7:30PM on Monday, November 13th. All applications are required to go through an interview on Tuesday, November 14th in the EC Room. Please sign up for a time here

Please contact Vice President Elizabeth Mugo with any questions or concerns.



Class Year:


1. Please explain why you want to serve as the EC Treasurer. (150 words max)

2. Suggest one change to the Budget and Recognition Policy and explain why that change should go into effect. (200 words max)

3. What experience do you have handling financial accounts of organizations or institutions? If you have no experience, please elaborate on what you hope to bring to the position. 

4. Please attach an updated resume and a recommendation letter from a faculty. Note: this letter doesn't have to be long. A paragraph will suffice. Attach both documents separately from your word document and email all infomation to ec@mail.wlu.edu