Independent Research Projects

The focus of the research projects is on environmental studies, with a special emphasis on the relationship between energy, the environment, and sustainable development. Consequently, your directed research projects must reflect the environmental issues important to the region in which the university of exchange is located.


  • Determine the Areas Subject to Erosion that Influence the PIATAM Communities By Generating a Thematic Susceptibility Map in ArcGIS
  • Poverty and Health Issues in Brazil and the United States
  • Perceptions of the Environment and Attitudes Toward Its Safekeeping: Who is Responsible?
  • Economic Valuation of Natural Resources in Manuas, Brazil
  • A Preliminary analysis of the Factors Affecting the Performance of Oil and Gas Environmental and Social Activity in the Amazon Forest
  • Geomorphology Analysis and Its Contribution to Environmental Impacts of Land Use and Land Occupation: An Assessment of the Region Between the Cruielras and Taruma-Mirim tributaries of the Negro River in Amazonas, Brazil
  • Bioenergy: the Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Electricity Production Using as Input the Seed of Acai in Order to Verify the Project Replicability to Other Isolated Communities
  • A Comparative Analysis of Sources of Biodiesel in Brazil