Signature Programs

W&L's Environmental Studies liberal arts based program highlights various signature programs and opportunities for experiential learning. The program offers opportunities for international exchange, campus environmental initiatives, experiential service learning and research on campus, in the community, and abroad.

US-Brazil Exchange

A six-month or one year cultural immersion experience where students learn Portuguese, live in Brazil, take courses, and perform research related to energy and the environment.

Chesapeake Bay Program

A place-based learning initiative confronting regional and national issues pertaining to the Chesapeake Bay and its watershed.

Spring Term Abroad

International experience is viewed as an important part of a comprehensive education. The purpose of Spring Term Abroad is to further one’s knowledge of the world and its cultures and to expand the opportunities and arenas for academic inquiry.

Service Learning

Practical application of student knowledge of environmental issues based on supervised volunteer work in the greater Rockbridge community.

Student Environmental Action League (SEAL)

A student organization dedicated to increasing environmental awareness, promoting campus sustainability, and informing students about environmental service opportunities.