2016 Capstone Projects

Katy Bonaro '16 - "Indus River Dolphin Conservation"

Stephen Ball '16 - "Compensatory Wetland Mitigation Effectiveness in Regard to Ecosystem Services Related to Climate Change"

Bob Destefano '16 - "Visibility of Generating Energy from Chicken Manure (Litter) Collected from CFO Poultry Farms on Maryland's Eastern Shore"

Maya Epelbaum '16 - "Connectedness with Nature as Reflected in Behavior and Conservation Choices"

Hannah Gilmore '16 - "Farm-to-table Systems and Food Deserts in Greensboro, NC"

Griffin Johns '16 - "Battery Technology to Support Energy Storage and Delivery from Renewable Sources"

Gabby Kitch '16 - "Mercury Cycling in Honeysuckle Creek Watershed and Burt Lake: Northern Michigan"

Sarah Knenlein '16 - "Environmental Issues Created by the Legacy of the Fall of the Soviet Union"

Yishi Liu ' 16 - "Feasibility of Geothermal Renewable Energy on a Country Wide Scale and Identify More Areas of Potential Geothermal Growth on a State Wide Scale Through New Technology Innovations and Case Studies of What has been Done"

Sarah Michalik '16 - "Next Generation Nuclear Technology and the U.S. Energy Portfolio"

Oliver Nettere '16 - "Trophic Dynamics of Smallmouth Bass Invading Cold Water Ecosystems"

Lizzie Platt '16 - "Investor Response to Accidents in the Oil Industry"

Nina Preston '16 - "Mangrove Reforestation and Social Impacts"

Cecelia Smith-Schoenwalder '16 - "Apalachicola Bay Restoration"