SuperOFF Challenge Champions

The Energy Education Program is excited to announce the results of Washington and Lee's first faculty/staff energy conservation contest:

• First Place: The Office of Admissions!!
• Second Place:
We have a tie! The same outstanding score was achieved by both Robinson Hall and Washington Hall
• Third Place:
Team Hollow, comprised of The Office of Financial Aid, The Office of International Education and the Department of East Asian Languages and Literature.

We also wish to recognize three departments that did not win first place because of their assigned Team's overall score, but which themselves independently achieved perfect scores:

The Office of Special Programs
The Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures
The Office of the Treasurer

And although we can have only one first place winning team, hundreds of individual work spaces across campus were perfectly, gloriously, shut down nightly during this competition, and those individuals with perfect scores will be receiving a certificate of acknowledgment in the coming weeks.

And Actually, Everyone was Pretty Super

All across campus, even in the low scoring areas, there was evidence of great energy conservation efforts. Although computer monitors were forgotten on in many spaces, it was very rare to find a computer left on, and lights were left on in only a tiny handful of spaces.  Thank you W&L Faculty and Staff for everything you do every day to care for our resources on this campus and beyond.

If you would like to know where your team landed in the final ranking or have any other questions, contact or

Feel Vaguely Interested in the Results but Can't Quite Remember the Contest Details? Here's a Refresher:
From March 1-April 8 the W&L Energy Specialists visited offices at night and over weekends evaluating energy conservation in different areas on campus. Each work space was assigned an initial number of base points, and points were deducted for items left on, including computers, monitors, printers etc. Bonus points were awarded to spaces to spaces that were perfectly shut down.

How Teams were Configured:
Teams were drawn up primarily based on either shared space or department affiliation. In a few cases a more creative combination was required (for example very small departments/buildings may be combined to form larger, more "powerful" teams). See the complete list of teams below.

Teams Comprised of Single Building or Department:

Admissions Office
Alumni House
Baker Hall
Development Office
University Facilities- including UFO and Maintenance Shops
Holekamp Hall
Huntley Hall
7 Courthouse Square
2 S. Main Street
Lenfest Center- including 109 Jefferson
Lewis Hall 1,2,3 and 4 - broken down by physical floor into four separate teams
Leyburn and Telford Libraries
Mattingly House
Newcomb Hall
Payne Hall
Reid Hall
Reeves Center & 11 University Place
Robinson Hall
Tucker Hall
Wilson Hall
In the Science Center:
Department of Chemistry
Department of Geology
Department of Psychology
Department of Computer Science
Department of Biology
Department of Physics/Engineering
Washington Hall

Combo Teams!
Some teams have been organized other than by single building or department because of either building or staff size. The resulting combo teams are below:

Sports Circuit - including Doremus/Warner Center, Wilson Stadium, Duchossios Tennis Center
Upper Early Fielding- including Copy Center & Mail Room, Catering Services offices, Counseling Center, Special Programs, and two IT offices
Lower Early Fielding - including Registrar's Office, Office for Institutional Effectiveness, Shenandoah
Elrod Commons East - including Student Affairs offices in the Commons, Hillel House offices and Public Safety Offices in the Heating/Cooling Plant
Elrod Commons West - including Career Services & University Store offices and Marketplace &Cafe 77 
The Hollow - including the Office of Financial Aid, the Office of International Education and the Red House