Energy Education

It all boils down to one simple, common sense principle: if it is not in use it should be off.

From collaborating on optimizing operations with staff at the University's Central Power Plant to partnering with students for great energy management in the Residence Halls, the Washington and Lee Energy Education Program works with all members of the campus community to eliminate energy waste.

Low-Wattage Wisdom

PowerDown 2016!

May 6-13 All Residence Halls, Greek Houses, Theme Houses and the Lee House compete for biggest electricity reduction. Lights OFF. Game ON. PowerDown. Click for rankings update daily

Secret to a Shorter, Sweeter Shower? Tunes!

The average shower time in the US is 8 minutes. That’s a time we know we can meet, and beat! Easier said than done? Let music sooth your savage shower (that’s a common expression, really)…click for details

SuperOFF Challenge 2016: We Have a Winner!

And the 2016 SuperOFFice is.... The Office of Admissions! Congratulations too, to our teams tied for second place, Robinson Hall and Washington Hall, and our third place winner Team Hollow (Financial Aid, International Education, and East Asian Languages and Literature)! Click for More