Microsoft Excel

Accessibility Barriers

  • Graphs and charts are inaccessible to screen reader users.
  • Large data sets with undefined parameters are not accessible to blind users, low vision users or users with cognitive impairments.
  • External data sources may be inaccessible to screen reader users.

Best Practices

  • Use clear and meaningful row and column labels.
  • Create and/or provide an electronic document listing any relevant formulas and/or macros.
  • Provide text-based alternatives for charts and graphical data.
  • Provide descriptions of charts and graphs in the comment area.
  • Highlight important cells in data sets to aid users with learning/cognitive impairments locate relevant data.
  • Define the parameters for datasets (e.g., lowest and highest values, rows/columns that define the limits of the dataset).
  • Use clear and specific language to identify cells, cell values, and other relevant information when presenting Excel spreadsheets and/or data.
  • Use clear and specific language to describe charts and graphs.

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