Donald Gaylord Research Archaeologist and Instructor of Anthropology

Donald Gaylord

Newcomb 204


B.A., Rutgers University, 1998

M.A., University of Virginia, 2001


I am interested in the anthropological analysis of property ownership and land use as seen through the lens of production, exchange and consumption. My research on the woodland, colonial, and ante-bellum periods of Virginia hopes to better understand the intersection of peoples' lives with the broader Atlantic world. I specialize in using the physical sciences, quantitative methods, and mapping equipment/software for the analysis of archaeological deposits, cultural landscapes and environmental transformation. My recent focus is to understand the implications of the post-revolutionary adoption of slave-based labor by the descendants of Scotch-Irish settlers to the Great Valley of Virginia; settlers who themselves largely eschewed the long-standing practice of enslavement common east of the Blue Ridge. I focus specifically on Rockbridge County and its seat of government, the Town of Lexington.


SOAN 101: Introduction to Anthropology (SS4)

SOAN 206: Archaeology (SS4)

SOAN 210: Field Methods in Archaeology (SL)

SOAN 211: Laboratory Methods in Archaeology (SL)

SOAN 230/HIST 230: Discovering W&L’s Origins Using Historical Archaeology (SS4)

SOAN 291: The Archaeology of Virginia’s Presidents (SS4)

SOAN 378: Archaeological Field Survey Techniques