Donald Gaylord Research Archaeologist and Instructor of Anthropology

Donald Gaylord

Newcomb 204


B.A., Rutgers University, 1998

M.A., University of Virginia, 2001


I am interested in the anthropological analysis of property ownership and land use as seen through the lens of production, exchange and consumption. My research on the woodland period and early history of Virginia hopes to better understand the intersection of peoples' lives with the broader Atlantic world. I specialize in using the physical sciences, quantitative methods, and mapping equipment/software for the analysis of archaeological deposits, cultural landscapes and environmental transformation.


SOAN 206: Archaeology

SOAN 210: Field Methods in Archaeology

SOAN 211: Laboratory Methods in Archaeology

SOAN 230: Discovering W&L’s Origins Using Historical Archaeology

SOAN 291: The Archaeology of Virginia’s Presidents

SOAN 378: Archaeological Field Survey Techniques