Charles Lowney Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Charles Lowney

Baker Hall 213
Curriculum Vitae


Boston University, Ph.D.

Boston College, M.A.

Boston College, B.A.


Meta-ethics, Theoretical and Applied Ethics, Epistemology & Metaphysics, Analytic Philosophy with an emphasis on Philosophy of Logic, Language, Science & Mind, Social and Political Philosophy, American Pragmatism, History of Philosophy


Ethics, Epistemology, Metaphysics, Analytic Philosophy

Selected Publications


  1. The Tacit and the Ineffable: Frege and Wittgenstein on the Distinction between Language as a Calculus and Language as the Universal Medium, Dissertation, Boston University Library, 2005.
  2. Identities: Theoretical Considerations and Case Studies, Charles W. Lowney, ed., Institut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen, Vienna, 1998.

Articles and Book Chapters

  1. "Ineffable, Tacit, Explicable, Explicit: Qualifying Knowledge in the Age of 'Intelligent' Machines",Tradition and Discovery, 38:1, 2011-12: 18-37.
  2. "Re-Thinking the Machine since Descartes: On the Irreducibility of Bodies, Minds and Meanings", Bulletin of Science Technology and Society, 31:3, June 2011: 179-192.
  3. "From Morality to Spirituality: Society, Religion and Transformation", Tradition and Discovery, 37:1, Fall 2010: 19-38.
  4. "Morality: Emergentist Ethics and Virtue For Itself", Tradition and Discovery, 36:3, Summer 2010: 52-65.
  5. "From Science to Morality:A Polanyian Perspective on the Letter and Spirit of the Law", Tradition and Discovery, 36:1, Fall 2009: 42-54.
  6. "Authenticity and the Reconciliation of Modernity", The Pluralist, 4:1, Spring 2009: 33-50.
  7. "Seeing, Saying and Being the Gestalt", Appraisal, Journal of the Society for Post-Critical and Personalist Studies, vol. 7:1, Spring, 2008: 21-38.
  8. "The Tacit in Frege", Polanyiana, 17:1-2, 2008: 19-37.
  9. "What I Learned the Day I Was Not a Philosopher", Practical Philosophy, 8:2, 2007: 18-21.
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  14. "Dewey’s Criticisms of Traditional Philosophy", published on-line and recommended by the Philosophy Pages entry on John Dewey.
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