Lesley Wheeler Henry S. Fox Professor of English

Lesley Wheeler

Payne 308


B. A., Rutgers University
Ph.D., Princeton University


Twentieth-century and twenty-first-century poetry in English: sound, voice, performance, gender, place, and community


WRIT 100-First Year Writing Seminar
English 204-Topics in Creative Writing: Poetry
English 205-Poetic Forms
English 230-Poetry
English 353-20th-Century British and Irish Poetry
English 363-American Poetry from 1900-1950
English 364-Mid-Century American Poetry
English 365-21st Century Poetry

Seminar and Capstone Topics

Documentary Poetics
Borders and Portals
Here, Nowhere: Twenty-First Century Poetry and Place
Speculative Fictions
Poetry and Community
Poetry and Performance
Emily Dickinson
African-American Poetry and Poetics
H. D. and T. S. Eliot
Feminist Literary Theory
Lyric and Voice
Major American Women Poets
American Gothic


Selected Publications


Propagation. Poetry chapbook. Dancing Girl Press, forthcoming 2017.

Radioland. Poems. Barrow Street Press, 2015.

The Receptionist and Other Tales. Poems. Aqueduct Press, 2012.

Heterotopia. Poems. Winner of the Barrow Street Press Poetry Prize, 2010.

Heathen. Poems. C & R Press, 2009.

Voicing American Poetry. Cornell UP, 2008.

Letters to the World: Poems from Members of the Women's Poetry Listserv. Co-editor with Moira Richards and Rosemary Starace. Red Hen P, 2008.

Scholarship Girl. Poetry chapbook. Finishing Line P, 2007. 

The Poetics of Enclosure: American Women Poets from Dickinson to Dove. U of Tennessee P, 2002.


Selected Essays, Interviews, and Reviews

Essay. "Women Stay Put." Crab Orchard Review, forthcoming.

Essay. “The window slides down into its door-sleeve.” Symposium on Teaching Claudia Rankine’s Citizen, Southern Humanities Review (September 28, 2015)

Essay. “Spacetime: Walking Around in Paula Meehan’s ‘Death of a Field.’” Ecotone 10th Anniversary Issue (Spring 2015): 31-39. “Poem in a Landscape” Feature.

Essay. "Verse and the Multiverse." Poet Lore 110.1-2 (Spring/ Summer 2015): 113-124.

Essay. "The Formalist Modernism of of Edna St. Vincent Millay, Helene Johnson, and Louise Bogan." The Cambridge History of American Poetry. New York: Cambridge UP, 2015 (628-649). 

Essay. “A New Walk.” Forging a Rewarding Career in the Humanities: Advice for Academics. Ed. Karla P. Zepeda and Ellen Mayock. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers, 2014 (3-13).

Essay. "Undead T. S. Eliot: How ‘The Waste Land' Sounds Now." Poetry 204.5 (September 2014): 467-479.

Interview. "Humanities and the Work of Healing: An Interview with Rafael Campo." Shenandoah 63.2 (Spring 2014).

Essay in verse. "Women's Speculative Poetry Now" (essay in verse). WisCon Chronicles 8: Re-generating WisCon. Ed. Rebecca Holden. Seattle: Aqueduct Press, 2014 (104-6).

Essay. "The Dinosaurs Are Breeding." Verse Wisconsin 112, "Parents & Children" (Fall 2013).

Essay. "Coffee with Poets in New Zealand." Gettysburg Review Summer 26.2.221-9 (Summer 2013). Poetry Daily prose feature for week of May 27th, 2013.

Essay. "Signals from Aotearoa New Zealand: An Introduction." Co-authored with Max Chapnick and Drew Martin. Preface to co-edited portfolio of 25 previously unpublished poems from New Zealand. Shenandoah 62.2 (Winter 2013).

Essay. "'Salon with a Revolving Door': Virtual Community and the Case of Wom-po." Contemporary Women's Writing (December 2011).

Essay. "Unruly Poems for an Unruly Group." The Exercise Book: Creative Writing Exercises from Victoria University's Institute of Modern Letters. Ed. Bill Manhire, Ken Duncam, Chris Price, and Damien Wilkins. Wellington, NZ: Victoria University Press, 2011(82-84).

Essay. "Mapping Sea Garden." In Approaches to Teaching H.D.'s Poetry and Prose, ed. Annette Debo and Lara Vetter. New York: MLA, 2011 (40-48).

"An Interview with Bill Manhire." Shenandoah 61.2 (Winter 2012).

Essay. "Rhymes with Poetess." Kenyon Review Online (August 2011).

Review essay. "Illness and Poetic Language." Literature and Medicine, Spring 2011 (29.1.197-212).

Review of Cynthia Hogue's Or Consequence (poetry). Shenandoah (Fall 2011).

Review of Ann Fisher-Wirth's Carta Marina (poetry). Poetry Flash (October 2011).

Essay. "On Capstones, Service Learning, and Poetry." Profession 2010.

Essay. "Materializing Millay: The 1930s Radio Broadcasts." In Broadcasting Modernism, ed. Michael Coyle, Debra Rae Cohen, Jane Alison Lewty (University of Florida Press, 2009).

Essay. "Cento for an Anthology of Women Poets." Junctures: A Journal of Thematic Dialogue, June 2008 (10, 129-143). With Ann Fisher-Wirth, Ellen Goldstein, Ann Hostetler, D'Arcy Randall, and Rosemary Starace. 

Essay. "Voice and the Visual Poetry of Langston Hughes." Fieldnotes: A Publication of the Masters in Teaching Program at Bard College, Fall 2007 (3.3.5-11).

Interview. "Your Body, Your Breath: An Interview with Janet McAdams." Shenandoah 56.3.141-156 (Winter 2006).

Essay. "Against Usefulness," in "A Muse of Fire: Poetry in Crisis," Editor's Forum, Studies in American Culture 28.2.20-31 (2005).

Essay. "Impostors and Chameleons: Marianne Moore and the Carlisle Indian School." Written with Christopher Gavaler. Paideuma: A Special Issue on H. D. and Marianne Moore, 33.2-3.53-82 (Fall 2004).

Essay. "Both Flower and Flower-Gatherer: Medbh McGuckian's The Flower Master and H.D.'s Sea Garden." Twentieth-Century Literature 49.4. 494-519 (Winter 2003).

Review. "Safe Mischief: The Zones of Paradise by Lynn Powell" (poetry). American Book Review 25.5.1-3 (2004).

Review of Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood (novel). Shenandoah 53.4 (2003).

Review of Verner D. Mitchell's (ed.) This Waiting for Love: Helene Johnson, Poet of the Harlem Renaissance, African American Review 36.2 (2002): 340-2.

Review of Ruth Ellen Kocher's Desdemona's FireAfrican American Review 35.2 (2001): 342-3.

Essay. "'Heralding the Clear Obscure': Gwendolyn Brooks and Apostrophe." Callaloo 24.1 (2001).

Review of Medbh McGuckian's Shelmalier and The Wake Forest Book of Contemporary Irish Women PoetsShenandoah 51.1 (2001).

Essay. "Medbh McGuckian's The Flower Master as a Critique of Female Modernism." HOW 21.3 (2000).

Essay. "Rita Dove." Scribner's American Writers Series, Supplement IV (December 1996).

Selected Poems in Journals

Gettysburg Review, Crazyhorse, New Ohio Review, Ecotone, Tahoma Review, SubTropics, Cimarron Review, Notre Dame Review, Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet, Switchback, Salamander, Poet Lore, Fringe, Rattle, Slate, Poetry, 32 Poems,Fringe, Barely South Review, Platte Valley Review, Witness, The Journal, The National Poetry Review, Blackbird, Admit Two, Diner, Tupelo Press Poetry Project, Valparaiso Poetry Review, Pearl, The Journal, American Literary Review, Poemeleon, Poetry Southeast, Prairie Schooner, Agni, Southeast Review, Puerto del Sol, Crab Orchard Review, MARGIE, Barrow Street, storySouth, Spoon River Poetry Review, The Chiron Review, PMS, Phoebe, Sou'wester, Elixir, Nimrod, The Louisville Review, and Interim.

Work in Progress

Taking Poetry Personally: Twenty-First Century Verse and the Multiverse (critical study); The Changeling Professor (novel); L (poetry)