Jeff Schatten Assistant Professor of Business Administration

Jeff Schatten

Holekamp 308
Curriculum Vitae
On leave winter 2019

Professor Schatten joined the W&L faculty in 2016 after finishing his Ph.D. at Georgia State University in Managerial Sciences. He received numerous teaching awards at Georgia State and spent his summers teaching at two universities in China. Following the 2008 financial crisis, Professor Schatten started and developed a residential real estate investment company. He has also worked as a consultant in a social enterprise start-up incubator in Cape Town, South Africa. In addition, for two years Professor Schatten had a radio show in Atlanta on business, economics and politics. He has also been a pro-bono strategy consultant for several nonprofit organizations.

Professor Schatten’s experience as a teacher and researcher lies at the intersection of business and the liberal arts. He received a B.A. in philosophy from the University of Maryland and has taught philosophy and psychology for many years. Professor Schatten’s research in organizational behavior, which draws dually on management and psychology, focuses on negotiation, leadership, and decision making. His work has been featured in the award-winning International Encyclopedia of Social and Behavioral Sciences as well as Harvard University’s Negotiation Journal, the Journal of Management and Organization and Leadership Quarterly. In addition to winning the award for “Best Paper in Organizational Behavior” by the Southern Management Association, Professor Schatten’s research has been presented at conferences that include the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Academy of Management Conference and several presentations at Southern Management Association. Professor Schatten lives in downtown Lexington with his wife, Kimary, infant daughter, Sam, and infant son, Milo.


Ph.D., Georgia State University, Managerial Sciences (2016)

M.B.A, Georgia Institute of Technology (2012)

B.A., Philosophy, University of Maryland (2004)





Decision Making


Leadership through Literature

Decision Making Under Pressure

Leading Teams (takes place at a prison)

Management and Organizational Behavior

Cross-Cultural Leadership

Selected Publications

Chapman, E. & Sisk, F., Schatten, J., Miles, E. (2018). HRD and HRM Levers for Sustained Competitive Advantage: Combining Isomorphism and Differentiation, Journal of Management and Organization.

Leheta, D., Dimotakis, N., & Schatten, J. (2017). The View Over One’s Shoulder: The Causes and Consequences of Leader’s Envy of Followers, Leadership Quarterly.

Miles, E. & Schatten, J. (2015). From the Research Lab to the Office: Making Negotiation Research More Accessible to Negotiators, Negotiation Journal.

Dimotakis, N. & Schatten, J., Arvey R.D. (2015). Genetic Factors in Organizational Psychology. International Encyclopedia of Social and Behavioral Sciences, 2nd Edition.