Dining Policies and Schedule for 2016-2017

All meal plans will be billed in two segments: Fall Term and Winter/Spring Term. You will be billed Winter/Spring Term for the plan you hold on the billing deadline of November 7th.

You may change your meal plan through 4:00 pm Friday September 16th, for Fall Term and 4:00 pm Friday January 20nd, for Winter/Spring Term. Charges or cancellations made after these dates will be assessed a $25 administrative fee.

A special feature of all meal plans is that they include an additional 10% discount off the published meal rates in the Marketplace when using Food Flex (Meal Plan or Campus) Dollars.

Meal Plan Dining Dollars must be used each semester, it will not carry over from Fall to Winter/Spring.

Campus Connection Food Flex may be carried over from Fall to Spring but must be spent at the end of the academic year according to state law.

No refunds can be given at the end of the academic year unless you are off campus during Spring Term (Spring Option), in which case you will be refunded Spring Term fees including Campus Connection Food Flex. Spring Term Option students should notify Dining Services if they are remaining on campus during Spring Term.

If you hold a meal plan, you may add tax-exempt Campus Food Flex Dollars to your plan in $25 increments at any point during the academic year. If you leave school on an approved leave after the term has begun, you will receive a refund for the unspent balance.

The Continuous Dining Plan permits the holder unlimited access to the Marketplace during normal operating hours. Holders may use a Marketplace meal in Café 77 if they miss the dinner hour.

All Upper Division Meal Plans (20, 15, 10, 7, & 2) allow for meal exchange in retail facilities in addition to the normal Marketplace (or Sorority) dining room at any time. Breakfast meals will be exchanged for $6 and brunch, lunch & dinner will be exchanged at a value of $7.50 of scratch made or bulk dispensed products. Commercially pre-packaged items such as bottled beverages, candy bars etc. are not eligible for purchase under meal exchange.

Fall Meal Plan

  • Fall Meal Plan Begins: Sunday 09/06/15 with brunch.
  • Thanksgiving Break: Meals will end after dinner on Friday 11/20/2015, and resume with dinner on Sunday 11/29/15.
  • Fall Meal Plan Ends: After Dinner on the last day of finals Friday 12/18/15.

Spring Meal Plan

  • Spring Meal Plan Begins: Dinner at 5:00 pm on Sunday 01/10/16.
  • February Break: Meals will end after dinner on Friday 02/19/16, and resume with dinner on Sunday 02/28/16.
  • Spring Break: Meals will end after dinner on Friday 04/15/16, and resume with dinner on Sunday 04/24/16.
  • Spring Meal Plan Ends: After Dinner on the last day of finals which is Monday 05/23/16.

Virginia Law does not permit refunds of unused portions of your flex plans or your Food Flex Dollars. You should use all funds by the end of the academic year. Refunds for Spring Term Abroad will be prorated.