Meal Plan Options 2018 - 2019

PlanMeals Per WeekMeal Plan Flex Per SemesterFall CostWinter / Spring CostAnnual CostPercent Increase from 2017-18Cost Per Meal
Full Board 23 + 6 Guest Meals per Semester $225 - - $6,625 5.0% $8.50
20 meal 20 $225 $2,605 $3115 $5,720 1.0% $8.50
15 meal 15 $225 $2,031 $2,419 $4,450 -7.8% $8.60
10 meal 10 $225 $1,490 $1,760 $3,250 -10.2% $9.03
7 meal 7 $225 $1,151 $1,349 $2,500 -10.2% $9.45
2 meal 2 $225 $519 $581 $1,100 4.3% $10.48

For all meal plans other than the 2 meal plan, the average cost per meal is less than meal equivilancy rate + tax.

All meal plans are available for all students. Minimum plan for sorority members is the 7 meal plan. Minimum plan for fraternity members is the 2 meal plan.


*All meal plans include $225 per term in Dining Dollars. Dining Dollars do not carry over from term to term.

First-Year Students

Full Board Dining meals must be redeemed at the Marketplace while open. Meals may be redeemed at Café 77 and UDH FieldSide after the Marketplace closes.

Sorority Plans

Sorority members (including Delta Society) living in the sorority house are automatically assigned and required to maintain the Continuous Dining plan. Sorority members not living in the sorority house are automatically assigned the 10 meal plan, but may opt to the 7 meal plan if desired.

Upper Division Students in University Housing Plans

All students living in university-owned housing, including fraternity houses, theme houses, Woods Creek, Upper Division Village, etc., will be assigned a 7 meals per week plan. This assignment may be reduced to a 2 meal plan using the Meal Plan Enrollment/Change form.


In extreme circumstances, such as medical necessity, allergy, or religious observance, the Director of Dining may review and recommend a different meal plan assignment on a case-by-case basis. This review may be initiated via the Meal Plan Enrollment/Change form.

Spring Option

Students who choose Spring Option for Washington and Lee's Spring Term are not eligible to participate in meal plans during Spring Term. Those students are eligible for a pro-rated refund and may initiate this process by emailing or they may opt to keep their meal plan and Dining Services will pay the taxes necessary to utilize the meal plan while not taking classes so we are not in violation of tax laws.