Meal Plan FAQ

  • As a first year student, can I use my meal plan at any location?
    While you have the Full Board plan, it is designed to be used primarily at The Marketplace. Only after the Marketplace closes can you use a meal exchange, either at Café 77 or at UDH FieldSide. Upper-Division students can use their meal plan anywhere, anytime.
  • Will my meal plan assignment from Fall to Winter/Spring automatically carry over to the next term?
  • Will my "Dining Dollars" automatically carry over to the next term?
  • Will my "Food Flex" automatically carry over to the next term?
  • What is the difference between "Dining Dollars" and "Food Flex?"
    "Dining Dollars" are assigned as a part of your meal plan in the value of $225.00 per term. They can be used at any location during any open hours. Dining Dollars are only valid during the term in which they are issued. If the $225.00 is completely utilized, you may add "Food Flex" for additional purchasing power. Food Flex can be added in increments of $25.00, and any remaining balances will be carried over to the following term (but NOT to the following year). When using Food Flex, you receive the added benefit of a 10% discount and exemption from sales tax. Food Flex can be added at the Marketplace, Brief Stop, or online at
  • Where can I use my "Dining Dollars"?
    You can use your Dining Dollars that are assigned with your meal plan, anytime - anywhere.
  • What are my dining options when The Marketplace closes to setup for special events?
    You have the option to use your meal plans at the Café 77 during this time.
  • Should I use "General Debit" for my food?
    You can. However, we instead recommend using Food Flex. This will give you a 10% discount on your transaction and exempt your purchase from Virginia sales tax.
  • As a first year student, do I have any guest meals?
    Yes. You will have six guest meals; however, you must be present during the time the guest meal is given.
  • Can I share my meal plan card with friends?
  • As a first year student, can I use my meal plan at the upper-division dining locations?
    Yes. You may redeem a meal exchange at UDH FieldSide after the Marketplace has closed. You can always use Dining Dollars or Food Flex at any campus location.
  • What options do I have for food intolerances?
    If you have any food intolerances, please speak with the chef and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. In addition, you may reach out to Jan Kaufman, Director of Health Promotion, at
  • If I am studying abroad, how do I obtain my refund?
    Your Food Flex will be refunded will be prorated based upon the number of weeks you are away. "Dining Dollars" are not refundable. The refund is initiated by Dining Services, processed by the University Business Office, and reimbursed to your GPS account.
  • Who do I notify in Dining Services when I am on Spring Option?
    Please notify our Assistant Director for Dining Services, Business Operations at
  • How do I get my Spring Option refund?
    Dining Services will issue Spring Option refunds to those who have requested a refund after Student Life reports which students are eligible for this option. Typically, refunds will appear on your GPS account at the beginning of Spring Option.
  • If I am in Lexington, with the Spring Option, can I use my meal plan or Dining Dollars?
    Yes. Dining Services will pay the taxes necessary for you to utilize your meal plan while not taking classes so we are not in violation of taxation laws.
  • Can I add money to my card, without having a meal plan?
    No. You can only add money to a Campus Connection Food Flex account or a standard meal plan.
  • Where can I add money to my "Food Flex"?
    Funds may be added at the Marketplace, the Brief Stop, the University Business Office, or online with a credit card at
  • How and when do I change my meal plan?
    All meal plan changes may be made using the Meal Plan Form. Please see Dining Policies and Schedule for timeline details regarding meal plan changes.
  • Who is automatically assigned to a meal plan?
    Any student who lives in University Housing will be assigned a minimum of a 7 meal plan.
  • Do unused meals roll over from week to week?
    No, meals do not roll over. Each week period runs from Saturday through Friday.