Meal Plans

At Washington and Lee University, we understand that each student has diverse dining needs. One day you may need a quick bite on the way to class, and the next you may have more time to relax and enjoy a meal with friends. To help ensure that these needs are met, the newly restructured meal plans will allow the maximum flexibility and value.

New for the 2016-2017 academic year, all upper-division meal plans will enjoy full retail exchange at all times within our retail outlets. All plans will also feature $225 in Dining Dollars - about $15 per week - to use for à la carte spending across the campus dining locations.

For your convenience all students living in on campus housing will be assigned to a plan that fits the minimum requirements.

  • First-Years will continue to be enrolled in the continuous dining plan
  • Sorority members living In House - continuous dining plan
  • Sorority Out members living Out of House - 10 plan
  • Upper-division students living in campus owned housing - 7 plan
  • Independent students living off campus are not automatically assigned any plan but are welcome to enroll in any plan
  • All fraternity members living in university owned housing, including the fraternity houses themselves, are defaulted to the 7 meal plan. Fraternity members living off campus in non-university owned housing are not defaulted to any campus dining plan, but are encouraged to select one to complement their fraternity plan.

Students wishing to make a change to this assignment may do so by using the online meal plan form. For example: you are in a theme house and your default assignment is the 7 plan, but you spend a great deal of time on campus and feel a 10 plan will better fit your needs.

You may change your meal plan through 4:00 pm Friday September 16th, for Fall Term and 4:00 pm Friday January 20th, for Winter/Spring Term. No changes or cancellations can be made after these dates.