John "JP" Keady Visiting Assistant Professor of Computer Science


Parmly 408
Curriculum Vitae

“Progress is made by also looking for what was not expected.”
JP’s research is multidisciplinary and diverse, encompassing four aspects of physics/engineering:
1.) Theoretical, 2.) Computational, 3.) Experimental, and 4.) Data Mining. The first three aspects encompass expected and anticipatory inquiry into physics and engineering, while the fourth provides a venue for the unanticipated.

The most current research focuses on theoretical/computational/experimental biophysics with emphasis on acoustic suppression of pathogens and commercial/military acoustical physics with emphasis on commercial earphone design and military situation awareness.

Ongoing and past research has focused on a diverse scope of research including, plasma propulsion, space instrument design, space weather with emphasis on magnetospheric-ionospheric coupling, GPS technology, biodiesel, and liquid speakers.


Ph.D. in Computational Sciences and Informatics (2016) – George Mason Univ.
Ph.D. in Physics; emphasis in Ionospheric Physics – Univ. Texas, Dallas
M.S. in Physics; emphasis in Magnetospheric Physics – Auburn Univ.
M.B.A. emphasis in Entrepreneurial Management – Univ. of Maryland College Park
J.D. emphasis on Intellectual Property Law – Columbus School of Law, CAU
B.S. Aerospace and Ocean Engineering, Virginia Tech


Research interests are diverse and include biophysics, plasma physics, and physical acoustics.

Selected Publications

John P. Keady, and Kylene Kehn-Hall, Disruption of growth rate of E. Coli strain DH5α using model predicted acoustic waves, Journal of Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology, (in press, anticipated 2016).

John P. Keady, and Fernando Camelli, Acoustic pulse disruption of particle surfaces: Journal of the Acoustical Society of America (JASA) (in press, anticipated 2016).

Casali, J. G., Talcott, K. A., Keady, J. P. and Killion, M. C. Warfighter auditory situation awareness: Locating the shooter with and without hearing protection. Naval Engineers Journal, 2012, 124-1, 149-159.

Keady J.P. and R.A. Heelis, 'Regional, Scale Size and Interplanetary Magnetic Field Variability of Magnetic Field and Ion Drift Structures in the High Latitude Ionosphere', January, JGR 1999.

Perez J.D., J.P. Keady, T.E. Moore and M.C. Fok, 'Microscale Effects From Global Hot Plasma Imagery', Cross-Scale Coupling in Space Plasmas, Geophysical Monograph 93, 1995.

John P. Keady, Pablo Huq, Fernando E. Camelli, Comparison of Flow and Dispersion CFD Modeling and Macdonald’s MUST Experiment, Presentation, Summer 2013 CFD Conference GMU.

Casali, J. G., Keady, J. P., Killion, M.C., and Talcott, K. Military hearing protection-enhancement devices: Protective, but can the soldier locate the shooter? Spectrum, Vol. 28, Supplement 1, and Proceedings (on NHCA website) of the 36th Annual National Hearing Conservation Association Conference, Phoenix, AZ, February 24-26, 2011 (extended abstract and powerpoint slide set).

Keady J.P., 'Plasma Boundary Layer Propulsion', AIAA Conference May 2002 Maui Hawaii.

J.P. Keady et al. 'Space Based Laser Powered Orbital Transfer Vehicle', NASA Design Project Publication, Virginia Tech, N89-15969, 1988.

Selected Patents

Earplug and pumping systems
Patent number: 9138353

Personalized sound management and method
Patent number: 9129291

Method and structure for inducing acoustic signals and attenuating acoustic signals
Patent number: 9123323

Systems and methods for monitoring the amplification and dissociation behavior of DNA molecules
Patent number: 8989466

Ambient situation awareness system and method for vehicles
Patent number: 8319620

Device and method for radial pressure determination
Patent number: 8251925

Methods and devices for hearing damage notification and intervention II
Patent number: 8170228

Energy responsive conformal device
Patent number: 8142870

Plasma impulse device
Patent number: 7096660