Apply for wluLex

*Applications for the 2017-18 wluLex team will be accepted from Monday March 12, 2018 - Sunday, March 26, 2018 (by midnight). Follow @wluLex on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook, etc. for additional information.

wluLex seeks students who are strong communicators, involved in the W&L community, and passionate about using social media to both advance the goals and reputation of Washington and Lee and provide valuable and timely information to our fans and followers.

This is a paid position. Students who are accepted are expected to work approximately 5-10 hours per week while the University is in session. At least 3 hours of work each week will take place in the Communications Office in downtown Lexington. Schedules are flexible, but attendance at a weekly team meeting is required.

If you are eligible for campus employment through the Financial Aid office (work study), please let us know on your application. While wluLex accepts applications from all students, regardless of work study eligibility, work study students who are accepted into wluLex and have not already received an assignment may be able to use their work study hours for this position.

    Preferred Qualifications:

    • Enthusiasm and curiosity to better understand and share the W&L student experience
    • Creativity of voice, vision and/or interpretation of #Lexistentialism
    • Strong written and oral communication skills, attention to detail, reliability, initiative, collaborative, ambitious
    • Maturity to interact effectively with alumni and administrators and as a member of a team
    • Sound judgment to determine what types of content to promote through social channels
    • Understanding of how social media communities operate in a business/organizational context
    • Exceptional time management, project management skills
    • Demonstrated artistry, creativity and/or innovation in any field

    To Apply:

    1. Please complete this application.
    2. Please send a Cover Letter (creative, persuasive argument for hiring you) and a Resume to
    3. Create a cross-platform social media campaign highlighting any W&L experience. For example, feature WLU event, a club/organization, the "student life" narrative, or beyond. This is intentionally open ended :). You may choose any platform and any execution(s) to achieve any objective(s). Please submit your campaign as a .pdf, providing the plan and sample executions. Send this to

    Next Steps:

    • Finalists will be selected to interview members of the Web Communications and wluLex staff during the final weeks of Winter Term.