Students on wluLex, Washington and Lee University's social media team, represent W&L in a public role on W&L's main social networks. Members of @wluLex manage Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, SpotifyTumblr and Snapchat account handles specifically designed for the W&L community in Lexington. @wluLex also works with Web Communications staff to help develop social media strategy, contribute content and generate interaction on social media.

Current Team

The wluSocial team is composed of seven current undergraduate students. Each team member has a campus beat. If you have news to share with the campus community, please contact the appropriate team member below:

Academics (scholarships, awards, fellowships, deadlines, global learning, etc.):
Adit Ahmed

Community Engagement (community service, events, concerts, etc.) & Business (sales, promotions, businesses):
Madeline Hill, Hannah Dewing, Maddie Simko

Campus Recreation (outdoors, hikes, rivers, etc.):
Mary Helen Powell, McKenna Quatro

Clubs (Student-organized events, programs, announcements, etc.):
Victoria Morgan, Grace Smith

Campus Arts (on-campus arts, plays, concerts, etc.):
Julia Udicious

Alumni Members

Jessica Duffy '13
Mary Jennings Van Sant '13
Hank Hill '13
Camie Carlock '13
Emily Mosh '13
Keaton Fletcher '13
Bridget Rooney '14
Kate Brennan '14
Maureen Nalepa '14
Ian Hooley '15
David Robinson '15
Gabi Tremo '15
Betsy Cribb '15
Julia Van Sant '15
Tani Greenspan '16
Thomas Johnson '16
Pauline Marting '16
Jenny Bealle '17
Natalie Brendsel '17
Blair Dewing '17
Sarah Wagner '17
Taylor Gulotta '18