News and Announcements

Create a Campus Notice

Adding your announcement to the University's daily Campus Notices email bulletin will help to ensure that more people see your message. Note that Campus Notices is not a place for personal opinions or diatribes, nor is it an appropriate place for major departmental news. Examples of appropriate announcements in Campus Notices include facility closings or changes in operating hours, planned network outages, registration information, fundraising opportunities, memorial services, information on campus and local community events, and classified ads.

Create a Dashboard Announcement

Audience Dashboards are designed to aggregate relevant academic and business-related announcements, events and resources for both current students and employees. As a general rule, dashboard announcements are reserved for announcements which impact the daily academic and business operations of the University, as well as messages from the administration. Several of W&L's administrative offices have rights to post announcements on these dashboards, including Student Affairs, Human Resources, General Counsel, Information Technology Services, the University Registrar, Career Development and the Business Office. If you are not a member of one of these offices and have an appropriate academic- or business-related announcement for current students and/or employees, contact Jessica Willett in Web Communications.

Notify Local Media*

* For major news items only

If you wish for your news item to appear in the Lexington News-Gazette, contact Julie Cline in the Office of Communications and Public Affairs. The deadline for inclusion in the weekly Wednesday paper is the prior Friday. Please allow 7-10 business days prior to the deadline for the News Office to complete a press release.

Arrange Social Media Coverage:

The Web Communications department oversees W&L's social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Tumblr and other popular social media platforms for wlunews (University news) and works with a team of students on wluLex (News for the W&L community in Lexington) platforms. News that is distributed to the local media via a University press release will automatically be disseminated on the wlunews social channels. For other announcements, contact Jamie Goodin in Web Communications for help in determining how to best get the word out.