Trip Saver Help


  • Go to and click on the "Trip Saver" link, found in the descriptive text in the center portion of the page, or from the blue navigation on the left.
  • Once you've entered the Trip Saver section, choose "Login" from the blue navigation on the left.
  • You will be sent to the Login page, where a large green button will be in the center. Members of the W&L community will click this button, and a dialog box will pop down from the top of your browser. Here you will enter your regular W&L username and password (You do not need to put AD/).
  • Click Login.
  • Once you log in, select the venue you want to manage from the list. The Hours section of the Trip Saver display will expand to show that venue's weekly hours. If you have editing rights for the venue, a new tab titled Schedules/Hours will appear next to the Current Hours tab in the top right corner of the screen. If you don't see the Schedules/Hours tab, contact Web Communications using the Web Tracking Form:
  • Click on the Schedules/Hours tab.


      • Each venue in the Trip Saver has a default schedule which applies to the calendar when another schedule is not selected.
      • To edit your venue's default schedule, click the "Edit" link in the left column of the schedule box. Make any necessary changes to the hours (be careful to keep your time formatting consistent) and click "Update."
      • The default schedule cannot be deleted, but may be modified at any time.


      For school breaks, summer hours or other extended periods when your venue's hours deviate from the default schedule, you may wish to create one or more alternate schedules:

      • Click "New" in the top left corner of the default schedule box. A new schedule will be created based on your default schedule.
      • Give your new schedule a descriptive name (i.e. "Winter Break" or "December 26-30") to distinguish it from other schedules. You can also select a custom color for the new schedule in the Color drop-down.
      • Type in the daily hours for the new schedule (keeping your time formatting consistent with other schedules) and click "Update." If your new schedule spans more than a week and the daily hours aren't consistent from week to week, you can either create multiple alternate schedules or override the adjusted hours as necessary on specific dates (see "Adjusting/Overriding Hours" below).
      • Choose a Start Date and End Date for your new schedule on the calendar grids provided.
      • In the Schedule box, select the new schedule from the drop-down list to apply the new schedule to the date range you've selected.
      • If you wish to post a campus notice about your schedule change, check the box for "Include a Campus Notice."
      • Click the green button that says "Set an Alternate Schedule on These Days."
      • If you have elected to create a campus notice about your schedule change, select the audience for your notice and click "Proceed to Notice Details."
      • Customize your notice's Subject, Notice and send dates (if desired), then click "Post this notice."
      • Once you create your campus notice (or if you elect not to), you will be taken back to the Schedules/Hours screen, where your alternate schedule will appear on the calendar highlighted in the color you chose for that schedule.
      • Your adjusted hours will automatically appear on the Trip Saver section of the audience dashboard pages on the applicable dates. Additionally, the start and end of your new schedule will be noted in the "Changes in Operating Hours" section of Campus Notices on the start and end dates.


      • If you wish to edit an alternate schedule, simply click the "Edit" link and make your changes, then click "Update."
      • If you wish to delete an alternate schedule, click "Edit" and "Delete."


      If you wish to change your venue's hours for a single date, you can do so manually without creating an alternate schedule. This function also works to override alternate schedules that are in effect on a given day.

      • Click on the date you wish to alter in the calendar grid. Note that if the altered hours are exactly the same for a series of consecutive days, you may select a range of dates using the Start Date and End Date calendars. If the altered hours are different for each day, you'll have to select each date and set its hours individually or create an alternate schedule for those dates (see above).
      • Enter the adjusted hours in the Hours box below the calendar grid
      • Click the green button "Adjust Hours on These Days."
      • Your adjusted hours will automatically appear on the Trip Saver section of the audience dashboard pages as well as in the "Changes in Operating Hours" section of Campus Notices on the applicable dates.