Get Help Communications Tracking Form

In an effort to provide the campus community better service and keep close track of the numerous requests for help and training we receive, we have updated our Web Tracking Form and consolidated it with other Communications project requests in the new Communications Tracking Form. Users are requested to log in to the Communications Tracking Form to enter requests for web help and training, including:

  • Web Site Corrections
  • Website Updates
  • New Content Requests (new websites, graphics, blogs, etc.)
  • Redesign Requests
  • CMS Errors
  • Page Display Errors
  • Friendly URL (Go Address) Requests
  • Forms
  • Document Uploads
  • Faculty/Staff Profile Pages
  • Audience Dashboard Suggestions
  • Training Requests

Members of the campus community are also encouraged to submit photography, videography and publications requests through the Communications Tracking Form.

While we remain happy to assist our clients via phone or email, creating a ticket in the Communications Tracking Form will allow you to track the progress of your request and help us to manage our staff resources, as well as identify common problems and training needs. For this reason, we encourage you to fill out a ticket before sending an email or making a phone call.

To log a help request, click on the Web Ticket banner ad on this page, or go directly to the form at (We recommend bookmarking this link for future use.)

  1. Log in as you do to Ingeniux (choose 'New Ingeniux' if prompted), using your regular network username and password (ad\ not required)
  2. Select the type of help you need from the dropdown menu.
  3. Click "Go."
  4. Fill in the required form fields.
  5. Click "Submit"

That's it. Your request will be entered into our system and assigned to a member of our team. We'll follow up to get more information or let you know that your issue was resolved.

Thanks for your cooperation, and do let us know if you find problems or can suggest improvements to the form.