Undergraduate Commencement Program

The University Coat-of-Arms and Banners

In 1890, at the request of Leslie Lyle Campbell, Class of 1887, Professor W. G. Brown designed a white silk banner bearing the words Washington and Lee University embroidered in gold letters on a blue scroll. Below the scroll was a composite shield made up of heraldic elements from the coats-of- arms of the Washington family and the Lee family. The shield has survived the years, but the original banner has not.

Before 1903, Professor Brown designed a full coat-of-arms with crest and motto. The black raven rising out of the golden ducal coronet comes from the Washington crest. The upper left quarter of the arms depicts an open book with an injunction from I Thessalonians to test all things. The upper right quarter exhibits the arms of Washington of Sulgrave, and the lower left quarter the arms of Lee of Coton. The arms in the lower right quarter are those of Astley of Staffordshire, and signify a marriage between the Lee and the Astley families. The motto, non incautus futuri, based on a phrase from Horace's Satires and translated "not unmindful of the future" comes from the Lee family arms.

In 1998, in celebration of the 250th anniversary of the University, David D. Brown, Law School Class of 2000, designed four banners that draw upon the original heraldic design of 1890. The new University banner is a revised version of the design by Professor W. G. Brown. The banners for the College, the Ernest Williams II School of Commerce, Economics, and Politics, and the School of Law derive their separate designs from the University banner.

The University Mace

A mace is a ceremonial staff and a symbol of authority. The mace is carried by the Marshal to denote that the University is in session. It was designed in 1951 by Marion Junkin, Class of 1927 and Head of the Department of Fine Arts, and carved by Mary Barclay, a member of the staff of the Alumni Office, from a 150-year-old walnut beam taken from the old Lexington firehouse. The University coat-of-arms is carved on opposite sides of the urn-shaped head and painted silver, blue, red, and gold. Below the arms are the scroll and the motto. Atop the mace are the coronet and raven from the University crest.

Academic Costume

In the procession of the Faculty, guests will see a variety of academic costumes. The design of the gowns has evolved over centuries from medieval origins. Most of the costumes seen today represent the Juris Doctor degree.

Traditionally, the doctoral gown is black, has full sleeves gathered at the wrists, velvet bars on the sleeves and velvet panels on the front. The colors on the hood, which is worn around the shoulders, designate both the degree earned by the wearer and the university that awarded it. The gold tassel on the hat is another sign that the wearer holds a doctoral degree. Over the years some universities have adopted gowns in colors that complement their hoods.

The Flags

The international flags on display represent the graduates from Ethiopia, Peru, United Kingdom, and the United States of America.

Order of Exercises

  • Academic Procession
    • Masanutten Brass Quintet
  • Welcome and Announcements of Scholarships and Awards
    • Kenneth P. Ruscio President of the University
  • Remarks
    • Lauren R. Howard Member, Executive Committee of the Student Body
  • Remarks
    • President Ruscio
  • Conferring of Honorary Degree
    Robert C. Vaughan III '66, Doctor of Humane Letters
    • presented by Marc C. Conner Interim Provost
  • Conferring of Degrees
    • Candidates for the degree of Bachelor of Science with Special Attainments in Commerce from the Ernest Williams II School of Commerce, Economics, and Politics
      • presented by Robert D. Straughan Crawford Family Dean of the Ernest Williams II School of Commerce, Economics, and Politics
    • Candidates for the degree of Bachelor of Arts from the Ernest Williams II School of Commerce, Economics, and Politics
      • presented by Raquel M. Alexander Associate Dean of the Ernest Williams II School of Commerce, Economics, and Politics
    • Candidates for the degree of Bachelor of Science
      from The College
      • presented by Marcia B. France Associate Dean of The College
    • Candidates for the degree of Bachelor of Arts
      from The College
      • presented by Suzanne P. Keen Dean of The College
  • Adjournment
    • President Ruscio

Others on the Platform

  • Sidney S. Evans, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
  • Brant J. Hellwig, Dean of the School of Law
  • D. Scott Dittman, University Registrar
  • Maryanne Simurda, University Marshal

Masanutten Brass Quintet

  • Chris Carrillo, trumpet
  • Christine Ennis Carrillo, trumpet
  • Drew Comparin, bass trombone
  • Ian Zook, horn
  • Andrew Lankford, trombone
  • Kevin Stees, tuba

Honorary Degree: Robert C. Vaughan III

Robert C. Vaughan III — intellectual, distinguished leader in the field of education, peerless advocate for the humanities in the Commonwealth of Virginia — we welcome you back to your alma mater in the same year as the 50th reunion of your distinctive Class of 1966.

You came to Washington and Lee from a small town in southern Virginia, where you were high school class valedictorian. At W&L, you created an interdisciplinary major combining religious studies, English, and philosophy. You were inducted into Omicron Delta Kappa, the leadership and honor society founded at Washington and Lee. You have said that the legendary Sid Coulling gave you a C on your first paper, and that you’ve never forgotten how he helped you learn to write. At W&L you met Ellen, a student at Randolph-Macon Woman’s College. You were married and now have three children and three grandchildren.

In 1974, while you were completing your Ph.D. in English literature, Edgar Shannon, then president of the University of Virginia, invited you to join a fledgling group forming a statewide organization to advocate for the humanities in Virginia. You enthusiastically agreed, and now, over forty years later, you are the only president the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities has ever had.

In a stirring career of dedicated service to the humanities in Virginia, you have supported countless projects and causes, ranging from the Folklife Apprenticeship Showcase, to the Virginia Africana network, to the Virginia Indians Today and Yesterday series. Since its inception in 1974, VFH has produced more than 40,000 humanities programs for communities throughout the state, including hundreds of book-length studies.

This year’s annual Virginia Festival of the Book focused on the complexity and richness of African American history in the commonwealth. Such topics as civil rights in Virginia schools, the intellectual history of black women, and the British slave trade in the American South formed many of the central programs.

The Encyclopedia Virginia, begun in 2001, constitutes a comprehensive, accessible, online compendium of the history and culture of Virginia. It is one of the most robust and rich digital history projects of any state in America. At the same time, the VFH has created a letterpress studio for the printing and binding of handmade books. Under your leadership, both the most traditional and the most cutting-edge technologies are supported side by side.

The VFH now reaches an audience exceeding some 20 million people. Programs ranging from rockabilly music to quilt making, from Brunswick stew to the ethics of medicine, enrich the lives of people not just in Virginia but throughout the world.

You recently stated of this work, "The humanities are about the human world, the human experience, and the way we live, work, play, talk together and answer questions and resolve issues. It’s about the way humans experience the world, and how we interact with each other."

Robert Vaughan III, educator, intellectual, and one of the leading advocates for the humanities in America today — it is our honor to bestow upon you the degree of Doctor of Humane Letters, honoris causa.

Academic Degrees

May 26, 2016

Bachelor of Science with Special Attainments in Commerce

  • Laura Margaret AckellPhi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude
  • Chris Jihyun Ahncum laude
  • Margaret Grace Andrea
  • William Howard Armstrong IV
  • Katherine Cullen Barnes
  • William Joseph Beeby
  • Sarah Elfreth Board
  • Timothy Christopher Boyle
  • Mitchell MacDonald Brister
  • William Isaac Brown
  • Leah Barrett Burton
  • Elizabeth Wheatley Caldwell
  • Christopher Andrew Camerota
  • Kasey Taylor Cannoncum laude
  • Cary W. Carabasicum laude
  • John Henderson Clarke
  • Peter James Clinecum laude
  • Josephine Hays Cochran
  • Paige Ann Corvino
  • Alison Hawthorne Coycum laude
  • Adrian Christian Crasto
  • Michael Rae DeMatteis
  • Kathleen Mairead Devinecum laude
  • Wyatt Taylor Devine
  • William Walcott Douthat
  • Thomas Yerger Dunbar
  • Robert Edward Eckstein
  • Margaret Coco Ellis
  • James Stephens Emanuelsonmagna cum laude
  • Cameron Weathers Farley
  • Anna Leigh Feiss
  • Christopher Russell Flight
  • Alexander Ward Fox
  • Andrew McAleenan Franz
  • Amanda Marisol Garcia
  • Giles Hardeman Geddes
  • Thomas Seldon Peter Geeker
  • Mark David Gensburg
  • Lindsey Anne Gilbert
  • Ryley Michelle GoldsworthyPhi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude
  • Natania BingXing Greenspan
  • Mitchell Ryan Hamilton
  • Anna Rebecca HargettHonors in Accounting (Thesis: "Examining Transparency within Corporate Tax Structures: An Investigation of Foreign Subsidiaries")
  • Erin Anne Harveycum laude
  • Denman Moody Heard
  • William Walker Helvey
  • Shelbi Lynne HendricksPhi Beta Kappa (2015), summa cum laude
  • Maxwell Barron Hutsoncum laude
  • Louis Hampton Ikemagna cum laude
  • Trevin Royale Ivory
  • Joshua A. Jackson
  • Jonathan Gordon Jetmundsen
  • Shan Jiang
  • Jamaal Malcolm Jones
  • Richard Frederick Gray Jones
  • Anna Piette Justice
  • Thomas Ryan Kavanagh
  • Hale Griffith King
  • Kiril Todorov KrendovPhi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude
  • Brian Michael KrouskosPhi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude
  • Christopher Michael Lavin
  • Blake Norman Liebling
  • Yishu Liu
  • Molly Noel Mahony
  • Robert Cole Malizia
  • Sócrates Manzoni Ruiz
  • John David Martincum laude
  • Theodore Brelsford Martin III
  • Patrick James McDonald
  • Jack Allen Melhorn
  • William Payson MillerPhi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude
  • Tymon Dooley Mitchell
  • Anna Katherine Murphy
  • Luke Rogers Myer
  • Robert Francis O'Brien
  • Arthur Brownlow Olson
  • Andrea Mason OwenPhi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude
  • Margaret Hayes Pascale
  • Daniel Jared Pesin
  • Austin Tyler Peterson
  • Nicole Christine Porter
  • Wheeler Michael Reiss
  • Paige Elizabeth Richards
  • Zachery Kason Richey
  • Andrew Nicholson Riehl
  • DeLacy Gray Rossecum laude
  • Christopher Wayne Rusbuldt Jr.
  • Sarah Evertson Schaffer
  • Andrew Clark Shipp Jr.
  • Mary Elizabeth Shutley
  • Joseph Williams Siami
  • Nicole Elizabeth SimpsonPhi Beta Kappa (2015), summa cum laude
  • Howard Worth Smith IV
  • Taylor Alexander Stagg
  • Lauren Kathleen Stone
  • Daniel Eric Storey
  • Michael Grant Stovall
  • Anh Kieu Tacum laude
  • Austin Daniel Tamayo
  • Todd Holbrook Taylor Jr.
  • John Archer Thomson III
  • Geoffrey Lines Tickner IIIPhi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude
  • Claire Elizabeth Townsley
  • Jean Jennings TurlingtonHonors in Accounting (Thesis: "U.S. GAAP vs. IFRS: A Comparative Study Regarding How Differences in Accounting Standards Can Affect Understanding of Company Financial Performance"), Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude
  • William Festus Turlington Jr.
  • Henry Theodore Waite
  • Yiwen Wangmagna cum laude
  • Graeme Elliott James Weaver
  • Inga Louise Wells
  • Peter James Wittwer
  • Rachael Elizabeth Wright
  • Rachel Lynn Yoder
  • Christian Phillip Zanetis
  • Kuangdi Zhao

Bachelor of Science with major in the Williams School of Commerce, Economics, and Politics

  • John William AndersonHonors in Interdisciplinary Work (Thesis: "Playing the Dam Game: How a Proposed Hydroelectric Dam Could Trigger Central Asia's First Water")
  • Emily Kathryn Arnimcum laude
  • Megan Ann Axelrod
  • Alexander Bernard Azer
  • Jacob Samuel Barr
  • John Patrick Barrycum laude
  • Benjamin Burns Bayles
  • Caroline Darden Bearden
  • Bryant Reed Becker
  • Jacob Matthew BermanHonors in History (Thesis: "'A Contribution by the United States to the Common Stock of Civilization': Francis Lieber and General Orders No. 100"), magna cum laude
  • James Ellwood Butterfield Bland
  • Lee Patrick Buchanan
  • Elizabeth Ferrell Carter
  • Shenandoah Oehlbaum Cornish
  • Christian Len Cranford
  • Hope Russell Cutler
  • Oyumaa Daichinkhuu
  • Robert Alexander Destefano
  • Grace Victoria DuncanPhi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude
  • Hadley Chandler Edwards
  • Margaret Kathryn Felger
  • Michael Paul Fitzgerald
  • James Brennan Flanigan
  • Genevieve Exum Francis
  • Eliza Blaise Georges
  • Jake Patrick Glancy
  • Hugh Gordon Gooding
  • Jenna Catherine Gustafson
  • Margaret McKee Hambleton
  • Alena S. Hamrick
  • Andrew Jeffrey Head
  • Mark Bennett Henson II
  • Katherine Renée HodgesHonors in Economics (Thesis: "Food Prices as a Determinant of Conflict in the Middle East"), magna cum laude
  • Lauren Rose Howard
  • Louis Hampton Ikemagna cum laude
  • Lillian Brannon Johnston
  • Timothy Michael Joyce
  • Kirk Anthony Kaczmarek
  • Tyler Michael Kaelin
  • Richard Andrew Karlson II
  • Charlotte Patricia Karp
  • Carolyn Mary Keenan
  • Matthew Robert Kindermancum laude
  • Alexandra Nicole KinzerPhi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude
  • John Albin Koch
  • Meera Kondapi Kumarcum laude
  • Juan Cruz Mayolcum laude
  • Abigail Catherine McLaughlin
  • Christopher Hill Metzger
  • Haley Elizabeth Millercum laude
  • Mary Louisa Norwood Millercum laude
  • Alice Caitlin MooreHonors in Economics (Thesis: "Missed Opportunities: Unraveling the Gender Gap in Financial Literacy"), cum laude
  • Arriana Misra Nastoffcum laude
  • Alexandra Stoddard Norton
  • George Chester Nurissocum laude
  • Kevin Bennett Ortizmagna cum laude
  • Elizabeth Kaye Platt
  • Jier Qiucum laude
  • Katherine Marie Reynolds
  • Daniel Arturo Rodríguez Seguracum laude
  • Caroline Mae SandersHonors in Economics (Thesis: "Technical and Vocational Education and Labor Market Outcomes in Ghana"), Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude
  • Madison Emleigh Smith
  • Carissa Jean Steichen
  • J. Asher Stevens-Lubin
  • Jacob D. StraussHonors in Economics (Thesis: "Exports and Skill Upgrading in the United States"), Phi Beta Kappa (2015), summa cum laude
  • Kyle Benjamin Tipping
  • Emily Grace Utter
  • Grace Elizabeth Vianney
  • Joshua Christopher Weldon
  • Alexander John Yacoubian
  • Xiaoxiang YangPhi Beta Kappa (2015), summa cum laude

Bachelor of Arts with major in the College

  • Mohammad Ahmad Abudayyeh
  • Christopher Chase Adams
  • Oghosa Honor Akenuwa
  • Stephen Michael BallHonors in Geology (Thesis: "Using Structure-from-Motion (SfM) Photogrammetry for Interpreting Growth Strata in Rocas de Benet, Catalan Coastal"), Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude
  • Zachary Ian Barney
  • Joseph Mark Beninati
  • Andrew Ramsdell Bladen Jr.
  • Ann Catherine Bokinsky
  • Kaitlin Ashley Bonarocum laude
  • Samuel Jacob BorowskyPhi Beta Kappa (2015), magna cum laude
  • Nathaniel Allen Breitenfeldt
  • Jacqueline Elizabeth Carsoncum laude
  • Andrew Gleed Clements
  • Gabriela Margarita Collado
  • Andrew James Conlon
  • Sally Josephine Curtiss
  • Man Bich DaiPhi Beta Kappa (2015), magna cum laude
  • William G. Daviscum laude
  • Rebecca Cecilia Dean
  • Emily Doran
  • Chloe Veronica Dotocum laude
  • Darren Andrew Douglas
  • Noah Anderson DuncanHonors in Mathematics (Thesis: "Extreme Points in Combinatorial Banach Spaces and Stabilization of the Tsirelson Norm"), magna cum laude
  • Maya Claire Epelbaumcum laude
  • Hannah Winthrop Fiskecum laude
  • Kaela Fiutak
  • James Robert De La Perriere Freeman IV
  • Liam Cadigan GazianoPhi Beta Kappa (2015), summa cum laude
  • Michael Lewis Gerbomagna cum laude
  • Emilyn Jane Gjertsen
  • ChantÉ Takia Glass-Walley
  • Aran Go
  • Johanna Michelle GoergenHonors in Computer Science (Thesis: "Leveraging Parameter and Resource Naming Conventions to Improve Test-Suite Adherence to Persistent-State Conditions"), cum laude
  • Ryan Philip Grant
  • Oliver Morgan Hall III
  • Alena S. Hamrick
  • Spencer Kennedy Heath
  • David John Heinencum laude
  • Stephanie Christina Hernandez
  • María José Herrera QuesadaPhi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude
  • Anthony Michael Hodges
  • Timothy Ricardo Holder
  • Michael Watkins HoltHonors in Mathematics (Thesis: "Exploring Extreme Points and Related Properties of Tsirelson Space"), Phi Beta Kappa (2015), summa cum laude
  • Amy Huicum laude
  • Ijezie Aloysius Ifechukwu Ikwuezunma Jr.Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude
  • Murtaza Mustafa Kapasi
  • Nicole Patricia Kasica
  • Kevin Emmet Katzmann
  • Patrick Matthew Kenny
  • John Lucius Kirby III
  • Gabriella Dawn KitchHonors in Geology (Thesis: "Terrestrial Mercury Cycling in Northern Michigan: Honeysuckle Creek Watershed and Burt Lake"), Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude
  • Claire Elizabeth Leifestecum laude
  • Susan Ma
  • Amanda Lee ManerPhi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude
  • Juan Cruz Mayolcum laude
  • Andrew John McCaffery
  • Riley McCall Messer
  • Faith Marie Meyer
  • Sarah Kathleen Michalikcum laude
  • Jeremy Christian Miller
  • Meredith Paige Murphy
  • Mithra Muthukrishnan
  • Bradleigh Elizabeth Navalsky
  • Oliver Julian Netterecum laude
  • Blake Turner Odom
  • Mitchell Dean Olson
  • Elizabeth Cunningham Owen
  • Edward Harris Pritchard
  • Thomas McCoy Pritchard Jr.
  • Joy Elizabeth PutneyPhi Beta Kappa (2015), summa cum laude
  • Luke Bosco David Quigley
  • Sarah Seneca RachalPhi Beta Kappa (2015), summa cum laude
  • Danielle Marie RosenthalHonors in Neuroscience (Thesis: "In Examination of Myelin Debris and Other Factors Involved in Optic Nerve Regeneration"), Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude
  • Frederick Joseph Sackfield II
  • Crystal Rae SantosPhi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude
  • Aristide Shingiro
  • Robert Wesley Sigmoncum laude
  • Richard Lester Snyder IIPhi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude
  • Rachel Alexis Solomoncum laude
  • Dillon Alexander Stanfieldcum laude
  • Riley William Stout
  • Emily Carole Streeper
  • Carlyn Arlene Taglienti
  • Ronald Leander Tassoni
  • Alexandra Hawley Townecum laude
  • Jannelle Marie Vienneau-Hathaway
  • Karen Janina Villarroel GÓmezcum laude
  • Tanner James WaggonerHonors in Geology (Thesis: "Chronological Persistence of Acropora cervicornis at Coral Gardens, Belize"), cum laude
  • Virginia Teresa WalaHonors in Geology (Thesis: "Aptian/Albian Sediment Volume and Accumulation Rates, Alaska North Slope and Beaufort Shelf, from Sequence Stratigraphic Interpretation and Modeling"), cum laude
  • Austin James WalkerPhi Beta Kappa (2015), summa cum laude
  • Levi Stanton Warring
  • Chase Bierly Webercum laude
  • John Hearring Wilbur III
  • Franklin Davis WolfeHonors in Geology (Thesis: "New Constraints on the Timing, Rate, and Style of Exhumation of the Wood Hills and Pequop Mountains, Elko County, Nevada"), Phi Beta Kappa (2015), magna cum laude
  • Tierney Elizabeth WolgemuthPhi Beta Kappa (2015), summa cum laude
  • David John Woodbury
  • Patrick Lee Wrightcum laude
  • Joseph Wu
  • Xiaoxiang YangPhi Beta Kappa (2015), summa cum laude
  • Hayden Robinson Yatescum laude
  • Charles Joseph Zachariades
  • David Stephen Zekanmagna cum laude
  • Conan Ying-Yi Zhaomagna cum laude

Bachelor of Arts with major in The College

  • Anthonia L. Adams
  • Rachel Jean Adams-Heardcum laude
  • Sarah Kent Agnew
  • Jok Genga Asiyo
  • Hendley Elizabeth Badcockcum laude
  • Kathryn Anne Balistrericum laude
  • Lydia Gaynor Baritcum laude
  • Erika Elena Barrero
  • Sarah Martin BartlettHonors in Art History (Thesis: "The Careful Crafting of a Utopia: Yves Klein and the Anthropometric Event of March 9, 1960"), magna cum laude
  • Davis Williamson Batemanmagna cum laude
  • Caroline Isabelle Birdrow
  • Bentley Carroll Boldt
  • Cole Thomas Bollman
  • Katherine Coleman Boswell
  • Caroline Hendrie Brady
  • William Campbell Brown IIIHonors in Philosophy (Thesis: "To Live Gratefully: The Grateful Response to the Gift of Life"), cum laude
  • Cameron Peter Farrow Caldwell
  • Yue Cao
  • Anna Paden CarsonPhi Beta Kappa (2015), summa cum laude
  • Kennedy Antony CastilloPhi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude
  • Lindsay Michele Cates
  • Christina Lynn CheadleHonors in Art History (Thesis: "The Power of Objects: An Exploration into the Work of Chiharu Shiota"), Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude
  • William Rickenbrode ChittumHonors in History (Thesis: "Nightmare from Above: Strategic Bombing in World War II and Its Moral Consequences")
  • Melissa Dyan Coggins
  • Grant Hayden CokeleyHonors in History (Thesis: "Irrelevant Victories: The Lessons of the American Military Strategy in the Vietnam War"), cum laude
  • Katherine Everett Cole
  • Andrew James Conlon
  • Edward Holmes CorcoranHonors in Philosophy
  • (Thesis: "The Ethical Satirist")magna cum laude
  • Mary Claire Cranford
  • Emily Maura Danzig
  • Hayley Francesca Degnancum laude
  • Emma Spring Deihle
  • Virginia Elizabeth Dixoncum laude
  • Kelly Elyse DoumaHonors in History (Thesis: "The Publicity of Female Sexuality in the Early Modern Period: An Analysis of Reproductive Intervention Techniques"), cum laude
  • Nolan Michael Doyle
  • Rebecca Boyd DunnHonors in Sociology and Anthropology (Thesis: "‘East of the River': Predicting Neighborhood-Level Poverty and
  • Concentrated Disadvantage in
  • Washington, D.C.")Phi Beta Kappa (2015), summa cum laude
  • Veronica Grace Durando
  • Zebrina Daichelle Edgerton-Maloy
  • Jorge Javier EstradaHonors in Philosophy (Thesis: "‘Thus, We Willed It': The Role of the Will in Hannah Arendt's Theory of Political Action")
  • James Clifford Etling
  • Jenna Christine Faude
  • Virginia Paige Feddeman
  • Emily Carter Flippo
  • Katie Michelle Florescu
  • Stephanie Lynn FosterHonors in Philosophy (Thesis: "The Moral Permissibility of Torture in a Terrorized World and the Problem of Dirty Hands"), Phi Beta Kappa (2015), summa cum laude
  • Andrew James Fox
  • Megan Elizabeth Fricke
  • William Doyle Fries
  • Brenton Lower Gagne
  • Linda Catherine Gaida
  • Kristi Nicole Gennettecum laude
  • Lindsay Paige GeorgeHonors in Art History
  • (Thesis: "Counter Narratives of Visibility: Asco's Dismantling of the Chicano Ideal")Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude
  • Hannah Mills Gilmore
  • Margaret Miranda Glaze
  • Meghan Elizabeth Greskovich
  • Joshua Jeffrey Gross
  • Margaret Anne HammerHonors in English (Thesis: "A Stroke of Good Fortune: A Print History of Shenandoah")
  • Jamison Campbell Harrington
  • Austin Bradley Haycum laude
  • Margaret Elizabeth HayhurstHonors in English (Thesis: "Body Language: Womanhood Through the Female Body")
  • Addie Elizabeth Healymagna cum laude
  • Jennifer Melanie Heibig
  • Shelbi Lynne HendricksPhi Beta Kappa (2015), summa cum laude
  • Erin Sumi Hendrix
  • Logan Yoshi Hendrix
  • Rachel M. Hodge
  • Carolyn Wood Holtzman
  • Mansie Rose Hough
  • Hannah Grace HowardHonors in Sociology and Anthropology (Thesis: "The Making of a Modern Saint: Grief, Charisma, and Community Identity in Transition"), Phi Beta Kappa (2015), summa cum laude
  • Krysta Michele Huber
  • Caroline Hollis Hutchinson
  • Mary Carson Irvine
  • Adele Eustis IrwinHonors in Biology (Thesis: "Relative Aging and Intraspecific Diversity of Resilient Acropora Communities in Belize Using Microsatellite Markers and Somatic Mutations")
  • Emily Katherine JaeklePhi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude
  • Griffin Stephen Johns
  • Evan Douglas Johnson
  • Margaret Elaine Johnson
  • Thomas Locklear Johnson
  • Jinae KennedyHonors in Journalism and Mass Communications (Thesis: "Community-Based Research: Digital Storytelling for Hoofbeats Therapeutic Riding Center"), magna cum laude
  • Macon Christopher Kennedy
  • Yejean Kim
  • Ellyn Taylor Kirtley
  • Matthew Royal KiserHonors in Mathematics (Thesis: "Up-Growing On-Line Linear Discrepancy of Triple-Optimal Partially Ordered Sets"), magna cum laude
  • Margaret Rose Kleber
  • Charles Acker Klingenberger
  • Sarah Elizabeth Knenlein
  • Kendall Christine KnollHonors in Art History (Thesis: "‘Piping' in Jan Steen's As the Old Sing, So Pipe the Young"), cum laude
  • Madalyn Frances KosarPhi Beta Kappa (2015), summa cum laude
  • Marielle Rose Lafaire
  • Meaghan Latella
  • Annaliese Marie Lausberg
  • Laura Barbara LemonHonors in Art History (Thesis: "Politicizing René Magritte's Vache Period"), cum laude
  • Wonhee LimHonors in English (Thesis: "The Paradox of Virtue: Milton's Satan and the Anti-Hero Tradition"), cum laude
  • Virginia Monié Lindley
  • Ashley Hunter Little
  • Charlotte Diana Dill MacDonald
  • Elizabeth Addison MacGregorHonors in History (Thesis: "Redefining Jihad in Local Context: From the Rise of Islam to the Islamic State")
  • William Hall Mallery
  • Pauline Gilbert Marting
  • Brandon Thomas Mayhew
  • John Patrick McBride
  • Patrick Ian McCarron
  • Lucas Miles McCrackenHonors in Religion (Thesis: "An Existential Beatitude? Heidegger, Augustine, and the Question of Joy"), magna cum laude
  • Bruce Chapman McCuskeyHonors in History (Thesis: "Jerome's ‘Jewish' Asceticism: The Targum of Qohelet's Influence on Jerome's Theology of Asceticism in His Commentary on Ecclesiastes"), Phi Beta Kappa (2015), summa cum laude
  • Elizabeth Myers McGarry
  • Katherine Margaret McGinniscum laude
  • Katherine Anne McHugh
  • Kamryn Houghton McPikecum laude
  • Kieran William McQuilkin
  • Miller Griffith Merchant
  • Jordan Bernard Missal
  • Sara Charles Moir
  • Stanley Raymond Monasterski IIIcum laude
  • James Andrew Moynahan
  • Amelia Hillery Murcott
  • Emma Ellen Nash
  • Brittany Rochelle Norwoodcum laude
  • Stephen Anderson Orr
  • Andrea Mason OwenPhi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude
  • Abigail Wyndham Pannellcum laude
  • Mary Laura Penneycum laude
  • Austin Tyler Peterson
  • Rebecca Wyn Ponder
  • Elizabeth Keaton PowellHonors in Religion (Thesis: "Flannery O'Connor's Faith in Short-Fiction: The Vision and Experience of the Fullness of the Kingdom through Bi-Focal Lenses")
  • Eugenia Bekas Prestoncum laude
  • Wilson Horrÿ Prioleau
  • Nathaniel Keith Purdy
  • Luke Bosco David QuigleyHonors in Philosophy (Thesis: "Mathematical Ontology and Epistemology: An Analysis of Quine's and Maddy's Unique Arguments")
  • Catherine Choate RoachPhi Beta Kappa (2015), summa cum laude
  • Stephen James Rowley
  • Bailey Katherine Russell
  • Mary Kathleen SandsHonors in History (Thesis: "From Ashes Reborn: The Fascist Repression of Female Prisoners in Francoist Spain and Nazi Germany"), magna cum laude
  • Erica Louise Schiller
  • Cara Jane Scott
  • Stuart Cooper Scott
  • Lewis Neasham Sears IVHonors in Mathematics (Thesis: "Realizability of n-Vertex Graphs with Prescribed Vertex Connectivity, Edge Connectivity, Minimum Degree, and Maximum Degree")
  • Gretchen Garner Sengelmann
  • Robert Minard Shinehouse
  • Brittany Nicole Smith
  • Mary Elizabeth SmithHonors in Classics (Thesis: "Bound by Love: A Close-Examination of Amatory Curse Tablets or Defixiones"), magna cum laude
  • William Armani Smith
  • Cecelia Constance Smith-Schoenwalder
  • Max Harrison Stanley
  • Leigh Turner Stauffer
  • Emily Carole Streeper
  • Madeleine Gray Sullivan
  • Emma Maria SwabbPhi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude
  • Kelly Wright Swanson
  • Anh Kieu Tacum laude
  • Lyssa Porter Test
  • Sarah Jane Thielman
  • Anna Russell ThorntonHonors in English (Thesis: "Surprised by Joy, Steeped in Sacrament: Shaping the Creative Imaginations of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien"), Phi Beta Kappa (2015), summa cum laude
  • Katherine Kraus UhlirHonors in English (Thesis: "Civilized Barbarism: Cannibalism and Rome in Coriolanus and Titus Andronicus"), magna cum laude
  • Molly Bruckner Ungrady
  • Wesleigh Caroline Vickcum laude
  • Vu Thi Lan Huong Phi Beta Kappa (2015), summa cum laude
  • Austin James WalkerPhi Beta Kappa (2015), summa cum laude
  • John Zachary Westermann
  • Joshua Joseph WhiteHonors in Philosophy (Thesis: "Nietzsche's Forgotten Spirit: Woman in Nietzsche's Philosophy")
  • Emma Bliss Whittemore
  • John Hearring Wilbur III
  • Kathryn Jane Wildes
  • Hannah Tyler Wilson
  • Laura Elizabeth WisemanHonors in Studio Art (Thesis: "Decibel Bouquet (dB): A Photographic Study of Young Womanhood Through a Feminist Lens")
  • Katlyn Marie Wolfe
  • Marshall Bernard WoodwardHonors in French (Thesis: "La mise-en abyme chez Camus : La métafiction et la réflexivité dans L'Etranger, La Peste, et La Chute")
  • Lauren T. Wurthmann
  • Jimmy Yau
  • Mallory Ann Young
  • Conan Ying-Yi Zhaomagna cum laude

October 1, 2015

Bachelor of Science with major in the Williams School of Commerce, Economics, and Politics

  • Christian Ulrich von Hassell

Bachelor of Arts with major in The College

  • Michael James Patrick O'Connor

December 31, 2015

Bachelor of Science with Special Attainments in Commerce

  • Matthew Lyman Kordonosy
  • Andrew Hart Teitelbaum

Bachelor of Arts with major in the Williams School of Commerce, Economics, and Politics

  • Paul Villere Lagarde Jr.
  • John DuPre Mastersonmagna cum laude
  • Thomas R. Wall V
  • Thomas Arthur Wright

Bachelor of Science with major in the College

  • Blaise Nyuga Buma

Bachelor of Arts with major in The College

  • Hamlet Tatum Fort
  • Christina Marie KamisHonors in Sociology and Anthropology (Thesis: "Student Perceptions and Help-Seeking Behaviors"), Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude
  • Melissa Kay Parpart

Special Honors

  • Valedictorian
    • Michael Watkins Hold

    The graduating senior(s) with the highest cumulative grade-point average, calculated to four decimal places and including the work of the final term prior to graduation.

  • The Algernon Sydney Sullivan Medallion
    • Pasquale Stelianos Toscano
    • Tierney Elizabeth Wolgemuth

    Awarded by vote of the faculty to individuals "who excel in high ideals of living, in spiritual qualities, and in generous and disinterested service to others."

  • The Frank J. Gilliam Award
    • Matthew Louis Carl

    Awarded by the Executive Committee of the Student Body to that student who has made the most valuable contribution to student affairs in one or more fields.

  • The Edward Lee Pinney Prize
    • Matthew Louis Carl
    • Pasquale Stelianos Toscano

    Awarded by the Student Affairs Committee to an undergraduate student who demonstrates extraordinary commitment to personal scholarship and to the nurturing of intellectual life at Washington and Lee.

  • The G. Holbrook Barber Scholarship
    • Matthew Louis Carl

    Awarded to a member of the junior class who manifests superior qualities of helpfulness and friendliness to fellow students, public spirit, scholarship, and personal character.

Fellowships Received

The following students have won, since the last commencement, fellowships in national or international competitions which underwrite their continuing academic endeavors.

AwardAwarded forRecipient(s)
Beinecke Scholarship support for graduate study in the arts, humanities, or social sciences Pasquale Stelianos Toscano
Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange for Young Professionals Fellowship one year of study and internship experience in Germany Patrick Wright
Davis Projects for Peace student-designed international projects which promote peace and address causes of conflict Chris Tran
Fulbright Grant one academic year of study or research, or as an English teacher Anna Paden Carson, Colombia;
Ijezie Ikwuezunma, United Kingdom;
Meera K. Kumar, India
Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship one or two years of study in science Clare Wilkinson '17
The Kemper Scholarship (seniors only) three-year undergraduate scholarship and summer non-profit internship placement Joshua A. Jackson
National Collegiate Athletic Association Postgraduate Scholarship in support of graduate study Patricia Ann Kirkland '15
National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships three years of funding in support of graduate study Kathryn E. Driest '14;
Lucy Maude Simko '11;
Joseph Michael Taylor '15;
Patrick Smith Wellborn '15
Omicron Delta Kappa Postgraduate Scholarships in support of graduate study Jillian Nicole Katterhagen '15
Princeton in Asia Fellowship one year support of transformative, service-oriented experiences in Asia Hanna Tyler Wilson '16
Joseph P. Yankelowitz '15
Ransome Scholarship one-year graduate program in global health implementation at the University of St. Andrews Charles Joseph Zachariades
Schwarzman Scholar one year graduate study, Tsinghua University, China Blaise Nyuga Buma

Scholarships, Awards, and Prizes

The University's website contains the description of each scholarship, award and prize, identifying the donor(s), the nature of any memorial purpose, adn the most recent recipient(s).

Financial Aid The Robert Alexander Scholarship Nicholas Kent George, Emily Elizabeth Limmer, Scott Valentine Philips
Financial Aid The George Addison Baxter Scholarship Conley Karlovic Hurst
Financial Aid The Luther Seevers Birely Scholarship Ram Haresh Raval, Mallory Ellen Stephenson
Financial Aid The Vincent L. Bradford Scholarship Alice Lane Cannon
Financial Aid The James D. Davidson Memorial Fund Scholarship Brooke Rose Donnelly, Stephen Carrington Mitchell, Zoe Helen Ottaviani, Ram Haresh Raval, Mallory Ellen Stephenson, Zachary Joseph Taylor, Pasquale Stelianos Toscano
Financial Aid The Franklin Society Scholarship Leila Odawara Baldridge
Financial Aid The Mapleson Award Catherine Choate Roach
Financial Aid The James McDowell Scholarship Mauricio Jose Bustamante Eguiguren, Brooke Rose Donnelly, Melina Lauryn Knabe, Stephen Carrington Mitchell, Zoe Helen Ottaviani, Zachary Joseph Taylor, Pasquale Stelianos Toscano, Ram Haresh Raval, Mallory Ellen Stephenson
Financial Aid The Robinson Award in English Literature, History, and Social Sciences Catherine Choate Roach
Financial Aid The Robinson Award in Languages Bruce Chapman McCuskey
Financial Aid The Robinson Award in Mathematics and Science Michael Watkins Holt
Financial Aid The Henry Ruffner Scholarship Kristin Angelle Sharman
Accounting Accounting Dept Scholarship Andrea Mason Owen
Accounting Topinka, Joseph and Georgiana, Memorial Scholarship Finn Keaton Barrett, John Kenneth Carrick
Accounting Wingert Catherine Choate Roach
Art & Art History The Gerard M. Doyon Prize Sarah Martin Bartlett, Lindsay Paige George
Art & Art History The Sally Mann Prize in Photography Laura Elizabeth Wiseman
Art & Art History/PEA&R-Assoc Dean of the College The Joseph R. Martin Prize Rachel Alexis Solomon
Art & Art History The O'Mara Prize in Art History Kendall Christine Knoll
Art & Art History The Studio Art Prize Nathaniel Keith Purdy
Art & Art History The Studio Thesis Award Laura Elizabeth Wiseman
Art-Music-Theater & Dance The Class of 1964 Fine Arts Award Elliot Reza Emadian, Olivia Virginia Sisson
Art-Music-Theater & Dance The John Graham Award in Fine Arts Madeleine Gray Sullivan
Biology The Biology Department Research Award Jeremy Christian Miller
Biology The Biology Departmental Scholarship Sydney Pearson Lundquist
Biology The Paul A. Brower M.D. Scholarship in Biology Veronika Valerievna Pogrebna
Biology The Thomas G. Nye Undergraduate Research Fellowship in Field Biology Nathan James Richendollar
Business Administration The Business Administration Department Scholarship Nicole Elizabeth Simpson
Business Administration Johnson, L.K., Marketing Management Excellence Award Shelbi Lynne Hendricks
Business Administration The Adrian L. McCardell Scholarship Brooke Rose Donnelly
Chemistry & Biochemistry The American Chemical Society Division of Analytical Chemistry Undergraduate Award Mallory Ellen Stephenson
Chemistry & Biochemistry The American Chemical Society Division of Inorganic Chemistry Undergraduate Award Robert Wesley Sigmon
Chemistry & Biochemistry The American Chemical Society Division of Organic Chemistry Undergraduate Award Robert Wesley Sigmon
Chemistry & Biochemistry The American Institute of Chemists Foundation Student Award: Biochemistry Austin James Walker
Chemistry & Biochemistry The American Institute of Chemists Foundation Student Award: Chemistry Karen Janina Villarroel
Chemistry & Biochemistry The First-Year Chemistry Achievement Award Gianluca Carrilho Malta
Chemistry & Biochemistry The James Lewis Howe Award in Chemistry Man Bich Dai
Chemistry & Biochemistry The POLYED Undergraduate Award for Achievement in Organic Chemistry Thomas Sullivan Caldwell
Chemistry & Biochemistry The James Keith Shillington Scholarship Mallory Ellen Stephenson
Chemistry & Biochemistry The Mary Louise Reid White Scholarship in Chemistry Kathryn Virginia Osowski
Classics The Classical Association of the Middle West and South (CAMWS) Award William Campbell Brown, Caroline Hollis Hutchinson
Classics The Classics Department Scholarship in Latin Bruce Chapman McCuskey
Classics Hamilton Greek Pasquale Stelianos Toscano
Classics The Matthew J. Mason Latin Prize Mary Elizabeth Smith
Classics White, J.J. Greek Bruce Chapman McCuskey
Computer Science Computer Science Department Award Johanna Michelle Goergen
Dining Services The Linda Cooper and Bobby Henderson Prize Batsheva Honig, Jane Seul Ki Kim
East Asian Langs & Lits Hemm Prize for Excellence in Chinese Nhi Tam Tran
East Asian Langs & Lits Hemm Prize for Excellence in Japanese Lee Marvin Sommerfeldt
East Asian Studies East Asian Studies John Hearring Wilbur
Economics Garrett Economics George Brett Park, Kathryn Marie Pettit, Gerrit Allen Van Someren
Economics Griffith Matthew Louis, Polina Oleksandrivna Kyriushko
Economics Gunn, John M. Alica Lane Cannon, John Wilson Miller, Elizabeth Julia Stanton
Economics The Kim Family Prize in Economics Jacob D. Strauss
English Academy of American Poets Brennon Thornton Williams
English The Brooks Prize in English (2016 only) Emma Ellen Nash
English Campbell, Catherine Houston O'Callahan Rebecca Taylor
English Coulling, Sidney M.B. Cecelia Jayne Weingart
English John M. Evans English Scholarship Joshua Michael Duemler, William LeGrande Northcutt
English First-Year Writing Award Nathan Lear Brewer, Kenta Sayama
English Garrett English Garrett James Singer
English Mahan Senior Prose Virginia Elizabeth Dixon, Joshua Jeffrey Gross
English Mahan Junior Prose Sam William Bramlett, Amirah Sakinah Ndam Njoya
English Mahan Sophomore Prose Jessie Caroline Drennen, Julia Marie Wilson
English Mahan First-year Prose Virginia Alexandra
English Mahan Poetry Margaret Elizabeth Hayhurst
English The Shakespeare 2016 Prize in English John Mayer Crum
English Stuart, Dabney, Prize for Distinguished Critical Writing John Mayer Crum, Kassie Ann Scott, William Christopher Szczecinski
English Wilkinson Caroline Lydia Sander, Anna Caroline Todd, Brennon Thornton Williams
English Wornam, Jean Amory Pasquale Stelianos Toscano
English Dept & German & Russian Dept The Craig Hinkel Prize in English and German Abigail Wyndham Pannell
Environmental Studies Bates Prize in Environmental Citizenship Hannah Mills Gilmore
Environmental Studies Bates Prize in Environmental Studies Eugenia Bekas Preston
Geology Geology Dept Scholarship Joshua Alex Fox, Shlomo Honig, Lauren Ruth McManus, Kira Estrada Tomenchok
Geology Hawkins, R. Preston IV , Award Lauren Ruth McManus, Mary Frances White, Clare Elizabeth Wilkinson
Geology The Kozak-McGuire-Spencer-Schwab Award John Dalrymple Blair, Sequoya Adrianna Bua-lam, John Zeitler Dannehl, Joshua Alex Fox, Daniel Talmadge Keel, Claire Aline Sbardella
Geology Stevens, Lena T Gabriella Dawn Kitch
Geology Stow Daniel John Claroni, Clare Elizabeth Wilkinson
German & Russian Dickens-Youngblood Award Matthew Louis Carl
German & Russian German and Russian Dept Scholarship Eric Benjamin Wirth
German & Russian Stephenson, B.S., Scholarship Carson Robert Bryant
German & Russian Stump Spencer Leon Borwick, Joseph A. Carmody, Payton Taylor Fricke, Brayton Buddy Thibad Hall, MacKenzye Hayes Leroy, Alicia Martinez, Benjamin Bernard Schaeffer, Elizabeth Julia Stanton, Rachel Marie Steffen, Mohini Tangri
German & Russian Wood, James Samuel Beckwith Taylor, Patrick Lee Wright
Health Professions Advisory Livesay, James MD Premedical Award Tierney Elizabeth Wolgemuth
Health Professions Advisory Starling, James Holt Scott Valentine Philips, Mallory Ellen Stephenson
Health Professions Advisory White, Doctors Reid Lauren Cline Hoffman, Ashley Alberta Ooms, Jenny Jin Wang
History The Ollinger Crenshaw Prize in American History Jacob Matthew Berman, Grant Hayden Cokeley
History The Elizabeth B. Garrett Scholarship in History Samuel Thomas Gibson, Zachary Austin Howard
History The William A. Jenks Award in History Kelly Elyse Douma, Claire M. Elder '11, Bruce Chapman McCuskey
History The William A. Jenks Scholarship Hannah Renee Austin, John Mayer Crum, John Carter McGee
History The Christopher Merrill Main '94 History Award Beth Jinae Kennedy
History The John Preston Moore III Award Bruce Chapman McCuskey, Catherine Choate Roach
History The James A. Vann III, '61, Prize in History Kelly Elyse Douma, Pauline Gilbert Marting, Mary Kathleen Sands
History The Washington Family Descendants Scholarship Award Conley Karlovic Hurst
History The Martin Baldwin Whitaker Memorial Merit Scholarship Ellie Anne Gorman
International Education Certificate of International Immersion Elizabeth Wheatley Caldwell, Anna Paden Carson, Kennedy Antony Castillo, Shenandoah Oehlbaum Cornish, Christian Len Cranford, Oyumaa Daichinkhuu, Ijezie Aloysius Ifechukwu Ikwuezunma, Meera Kondapi Kumar, Nicole Christine Porter, Mary Kathleen Sands, Anh Kieu Ta
International Education The Global Learning Leadership Prize Meera Kondapi Kumar
Johnson Scholars Johnson Scholars John William Anderson, Stephen Michael Ball, John Patrick Barry, Jacqueline Elizabeth Carson, Maya Claire Epelbaum, David John Heinen, Shelbi Lynne Hendricks, Timothy Ricardo Holder, Michael Watkins Holt, Hannah Grace Howard, Ijezie Aloysius Ifechukwu Ikwuezunma, Griffin Stephen Johns, Ellyn Taylor Kirtley, Meera Kondapi Kumar, Wonhee Lim, Yishu Liu, Alice Caitlin Moore, Mithra Muthukrishnan, Arriana Misra Nastoff, Arthur Brownlow Olson, Mitchell Dean Olson, Kevin Bennett Ortiz, Andrea Mason Owen, Joy Elizabeth Putney, Sarah Seneca Rachal, Daniel Arturo Rodriguez Segura, Danielle Marie Rosenthal, Caroline Mae Sanders, Erica Louise Schiller, Rachel Alexis Solomon, Jacob D. Strauss, Anna Russell Thornton, Jean Jennings Turlington, Karen Janina Villarroel Gomez, Austin James Walker, Tierney Elizabeth Wolgemuth, Conan Ying-Yi Zhao
Journalism & Mass Communications The Joseph Franklin Ellis Newspaper Scholarship Krysta Michele Huber, Caleigh Grey Wells
Journalism & Mass Communications The Journalism/Mass Comm Dept Schol:Excellence in Journalism Rachel Jean Adams-Heard
Journalism & Mass Communications The Journalism/Mass Comm Dept Schol:Excellence in Mass Comm Jenna Christine Faude, Beth Jinae Kennedy
Journalism & Mass Communications The Landon B. Lane Memorial Scholarship in Journalism Rachel Jean Adams-Heard, Lindsay Anne Castleberry
Journalism & Mass Communications The Ronald F. Waring-John G. Alnutt Award in Journalism for Editing Lindsay Michele Cates, Kieran William McQuilkin
LACS The Senior Award in Latin American and Caribbean Studies Tierney Elizabeth Wolgemuth
Law Studies The E. Marshall Nuckols Honor Scholarship John Sterling Houser, Blake Kenneth Huddleston
Lenfest Center for the Arts Excellence in Artistic Events Management Award Gabriela Margarita Collado, Richard Lester Snyder
Mathematics The Taylor Scholarship in Mathematics Mauricio Jose Bustamante Eguig
Mathematics The Williams Prize in Mathematics Huong Thi Lan Vu
Military Science: VMI ROTC Distinguished Military Graduate, US Army ROTC Daniel Eric Storey
Music The Music Technology Award Trevin R. Ivory
Music The Piano Award Conan Ying-Yi Zhao
Music The Robert Stewart Award in Music Andrew James Conlon
Music The Washington and Lee University Choral Award Wonhee Lim, Alexandra Hawley Towne
Music The Washington and Lee University Jazz Ensemble Award Joseph Wu
Music The Washington and Lee University Orchestra Award Kennedy Antony Castillo
Music The Washington and Lee University Wind Ensemble Award Andrew James Conlon, Joy Elizabeth Putney
Music/Theater, Dance Fiilm Studies Jones, Todd D '85 Memorial Scholarship Elliot Reza Emadian, Olivia Claire Shaves
ODK Chapter (M. Conner) Latture, Rupert N., Sophomore Award Kassie A. Scott
ODK Chapter (M. Conner) Leyburn, James Graham, Service Awards Rockbridge Area Refugee Working Group
ODK Chapter (M. Conner) ODK Leader of the Year Award Pasquale Stelianos Toscano
PBK Chapter (Ikeda) Phi Beta Kappa J. Brown Goehring Sophomore Award Ram Haresh Raval, Mallory Ellen Stephenson
Philosophy The Charles Thomas Boggs Prize in Philosophy Joshua Joseph White
Philosophy (Ethics Bowl) William Wells Chaffin Memorial Scholarship Edward Holmes Corcoran
Philosophy The Edward Dodd Award in Philosophy Edward Holmes Corcoran, Stephanie Lynn Foster
Philosophy Young Scholarship Bruce Chapman McCuskey
Physical Education, Athletics, & Recreation Richard Miller Physical Education Scholarship Diana Vausha Banks
Physics & Engineering Akins, Robert E., Engineering Prize Timothy Ricardo Holder
Physics & Engineering Physics & Engineering Dept Scholarship John Lucius Kirby, Eleni Katherine Timas
Physics & Engineering Physics & Engineering Sophomore Award Gillenhaal Johannes Beck, Matthew Joseph Lubas
Physics & Engineering Physics & Engineering First-Year Award Rossella Ivana Gabriele
Physics & Engineering The Edith and Harold Reese Prize in Physics Anthony M. Hodges
Physics & Engineering The Walter LeConte Stevens Scholarship Joy Elizabeth Putney
Physics & Engineering The Avis P. Waring Scholarship Stephanie Marina Fouts
Physics & Engineering The H. Thomas Williams Jr. Undergraduate Research Award Mohammad Ahmad Abudayyeh
Politics The Milton Colvin Scholarship Noelle Julia Rutland
Politics The Elizabeth B. Garrett Scholarship in Politics Katherine Helen Monks
Politics Schlegel Prize for International Studies John William Anderson, James Brennan Flanigan, Katherine Renee Hodges, Katrina Karen-Xiaoming Spiezio, Kayla Rose Sylvester
Psychology The Elmes Pathfinder Prize Emma Maria Swabb
Psychology Oliver Award for Intellectual Curiosity Addie Elizabeth Healy, Crystal Rae Santos
Psychology Psychology Department Compassion Award Margaret Elaine Johnson
Psychology Psychology Dept Scholarship Jenny Jin Wang
Reeves Center Litzenburg, Thomas V. Prize Kendall Christine Knoll, Hannah Tyler Wilson
Religion Religion Dept Scholarship Lucas Miles McCracken
Romance Languages The Elizabeth Garrett Award for Excellence in French Nancy Nkechinyere Stephen
Romance Languages The Carlyle Westbrook Barritt and Sidney J. Williams Jr. Prize in Spanish Mary Kate Clemmons
Romance Languages Romance Languages Dept Scholarship in Spanish ("Amans Artium Bonarum") Connor Thomas Chess
Russian Area Studies Lower-level Russian Award NO AWARD
Shepherd Program Bonner Scholars (grads only) Chris Jihyun Ahn, Caroline Isabelle Birdrow, Oyumaa Daichinkhuu, Rebecca Cecilia Dean, Margaret Elaine Johnson, Beth Jinae Kennedy, Alice Caitlin Moore
Shepherd Program John and Mimi Elrod Fellowship Caroline Hendrie Brady, Jacqueline Elizabeth Carson, Chloe Veronica Doto, Margaret Elaine Johnson, Ellyn Taylor Kirtley, Madison Emleigh Smith, Emma Maria Swabb
Sociology & Anthropology Kimbrough Prize Rebecca Boyd Dunn, Hannah Grace Howard, Christina Marie Kamis
Sociology & Anthropology O. Kendall White Jr. Prize for Excellence in Sociology and Anthropology Christina Lynn Cheadle, Ijezie Aloysius Ifechukwu Ikwuezunma Jr.
Student Affairs-VPSA/Dean of Students & Provost The Alexander Thomas Boehling '10 Memorial Award in Leadership Elizabeth Myers McGarry
Student Affairs-VPSA/Dean of Students Bowden, John J. "Jack", Award Christopher Michael Tobin
Student Affairs Decade Award Kassie Ann Scott
Student Affairs-VPSA/Dean of Students The John W. Elrod General of the Year Award Margaret Elaine Johnson
Student Affairs-VPSA/Dean of Students Halstead, Douglas, Memorial Scholarship Connor Alexander Hayward, Rachel Elizabeth Stone
Student Affairs-Multicultural Affairs The Anece McCloud Excellence in Diversity Award Ijezie Aloysius Ifechukwu Ikwuezunma Jr.
Student Affairs-Volunteer Coordinator The Nabors Service League McLoughlin Award for Volunteerism Chloe Veronica Doto
Student Affairs-Student Activities (SAB) The Chris Noland Student Activities Leadership Award Melina Lauryn Knabe
Student Affairs-Alumni&VPSA The Cullum Owings Memorial Award Jok Genga Asiyo, Elizabeth Keaton Powell
Student Affairs-VPSA/Dean of Stus (GCF) The Zachary Alan Parmenter Prize Beth Jinae Kennedy , Ellyn Taylor Kirtley
Student Affairs-VPSA/Dean of Stus & others Priddy, Brackett, Prize Pasquale Stelianos Toscano
Student Affairs-Student EC The William W. Pusey III Award William F. Connelly Jr.
Student Affairs-Ring-tum Phi editor The Ring-tum Phi Awards Lydia Gaynor Barit , Joshua Joseph White
Student Affairs-VPSA/Public Safety The Larry Stuart Memorial Award Skyler Thomas Zunk
Student Affairs-Campus Activities Awards for Sorority and Fraternity Scholarship Chi Omega, Lambda Chi Alpha
Teacher Education Ball, Sarah, Education Award Margaret McKee Hambleton
Theater, Dance, & Film Studies Michael K. and Linda Gorman Award Taylor Elise Gulotta, Inga Louise Wells
Theater, Dance, & Film Studies Hirschmann Murtaza M. Kapasi
Theater, Dance, & Film Studies The Cynthia D. Klinedinst Award Dana Purser Gary
Theater, Dance, & Film Studies The Joseph D. Martinez Award Emily Maura Danzig
Williams School The Glynn Family Scholarship Laura Margaret Ackell
Williams School Johnson-Rosasco Scholarship Ryley Michelle Goldsworthy, William Payson Miller, Joshua Joseph White
Williams School John Warner '49 Public Service Award Rachel Christine Gallagher, Faith Elizabeth Pinho, Noelle Julia Rutland

Athletic Awards

Individual Awards

Richard Miller Physical Education Scholarship Diana V. Banks
J.L. (Lefty) Newell Memorial Award Christina M. Kamis
R.E. (Chub) Yeakel Memorial Service Award Chuck O’Connell
Outstanding Male First-Year Athlete Haley C. Tucker
Outstanding Female First-Year Athlete Andrew J. Witherell, Jr.
William D. McHenry Male Scholar-Athlete Award Michael W. Holt
William D. McHenry Female Scholar-Athlete Award Shelbi L. Hendricks
Wink Glasgow Spirit and Sportsmanship Award Dillon A. Stanfield
P.R. (Pres) Brown Most Valuable Male Athlete Ronald L. Tassoni
P.R. (Pres) Brown Most Valuable Female Athlete Stephanie L. Foster

Team Awards

Baseball E.G. Leslie Pitching Award Thomas S. Concklin
Baseball Joe Lyles Award Cory A. Paton
Baseball Tommy Baker Batting Award Ryan C. Weston
Baseball Cap'n Dick Smith Baseball Award Kyle B. Tipping
Men's Basketball W&L Basketball Award Andrew M. Franz
Men's Basketball Coaches and Captains Award Darren A. Douglas
Men's Basketball Alumni Basketball Award James C. Etling
Men's Basketball Leigh Williams Memorial Award Andrew F. Kleinlein
Women's Basketball Barry F. Machado Women's Basketball Award Kathryn J. Wildes
Women's Basketball Most Valuable Player Award Jacquelyn A. Clifford
Men's Cross Country Forest Fletcher Cross Country Award Don M. Strehler
Men's Cross Country Richard Miller Cross Country Award Jacob D. Strauss
Women's Cross Country Most Valuable Runner Award Samantha E. Yates
Women's Cross Country Most Improved Runner Liliana M. Arnold
Women's Cross Country Coaches Cross Country Award Rachel A. Solomon
Field Hockey Most Valuable Field Hockey Offensive Award Mary L. Waxter
Field Hockey Most Valuable Field Hockey Defensive Award Kendall R. Peterson
Field Hockey Coaches Field Hockey Award Noelani M. Schulmeyer
Football Frank Miriello/C.J. Harrington Memorial Football Award Denman M. Heard
Football Clovis Moomaw Football Award Thomas W. Freeland
Football Dan Ray Justice Memorial Football Award Charles O. Nelson
Football Lee McLaughlin Football Award Connor T. Chess
Men's Golf Felix Smart Memorial Golf Award Luke M. Farley
Men's Golf Cy Twombly Most Improved Golfer Award Hayden P. Combs
Women's Golf Most Outstanding Performer Elizaveta V. Freed
Women's Golf Matthew Goodwin Most Improved Golfer Dana E. Droz
Men's Lacrosse T.W. Martin Memorial Lacrosse Award Andrew N. Riehl
Matthew R. Huber
Men's Lacrosse Wheelwright Memorial Lacrosse Award William H. Armstrong IV
Men's Lacrosse Jay Stull Memorial Lacrosse Award Robert A. DeStefano
Men's Lacrosse C.W. Pacy, Jr. Memorial Lacrosse Award Andrew J. Witherell, Jr.
Women's Lacrosse Outstanding Women's Lacrosse Defensive Award Caroline H. Hutchinson
Women's Lacrosse Outstanding Women's Lacrosse Offensive Award Melissa D. Coggins
Women's Lacrosse Most Improved Women's Lacrosse Award Rebecca P. Wellford
Women's Lacrosse Coaches Lacrosse Award Carlyn A. Taglienti
Women's Lacrosse Most Valuable Teammate Mary L. Waxter
Riding Most Valuable Rider Award Caleigh G. Wells
Jane T. Chiavelli
Riding Sportsmanship & Horsemanship Award Emilyn J. Gjertsen
Riding The L.M. "Sandy" Gerald Spirit Award Laura B. Lemon
Men's Soccer Jim Trundle Soccer Award Benjamin B. Bayles
Men's Soccer L. Brandon Herbert Memorial Award Cary W. Carabasi
Men's Soccer D.D. Redmond Soccer Defensive Award Gillenhaal J. Beck
Men's Soccer R.G. (Bob) Lathrop Soccer Offensive Award William B. Hamryka
Women's Soccer Most Improved Player Award Rebecca B. Morris
Women's Soccer Players Player of the Year Award Hollis B. Tardy
Women's Soccer Most Valuable Player Award Ashley S. Hogan
Men's Swimming Memorial Swimming Award Thomas H. Thetford
Men's Swimming William J. Stearns Improved Swimmer Award William F. Connelly, Jr.
Men's Swimming Twombly-Eastman Swimming Award Noah C. Schammel
Women's Swimming Coaches and Captains Women's Swimming Award Emily K. Rollo
Women's Swimming Outstanding Women's Swimming Award Sarah E. Schaffer
Women's Swimming Most Improved Women's Swimming Award Cassidy E. Fuller
Men's Tennis Memorial Tennis Award William T. Bannister
Men's Tennis Washburn Outstanding Freshman Tennis Award William Z. Ely
Women's Tennis Team Dedication Award Mary E. Shutley
Women's Tennis William Washburn Women's Tennis Award Brooke R. Donnelly
Men's Track & Field Forest Fletcher Track and Field Award Patrick G. Robertson
Men's Track & Field Memorial Track and Field Award Phillip S. Harmon
Men's Track & Field Coaches and Captains Track and Field Award Harrison P. DeKnight
Women's Track & Field Natalie Stier Award Dana E. Lee
Women's Track & Field Most Improved Women's Track and Field Award Kaleigh M. Hinton
Women's Track & Field Coaches Track and Field Award Molly B. Ungrady
Volleyball Most Valuable Volleyball Player Annaliese M. Lausberg
Volleyball Coaches Volleyball Award Kasey T. Cannon
Wrestling A.E. Mathis War Memorial Wrestling Award Ronald L. Tassoni
Wrestling Carlton Peebles Memorial Wrestling Award Ethan M. Hartman
Wrestling D.C. Montgomery Memorial Freshman Wrestling Award Zachary C. Bylykbashi
Wrestling Gary R. Franke Takedown Award Zachary C. Bylykbashi