Lijiang Liu Class of 2014 - China

The best experience I had in W&L in my freshman year is the spring term. I really like the fact that you can spend 4 weeks just concentrating on one course you love. I took Math 301 with Professor Bourdon. He is a brilliant man and makes the class interesting and also easy to follow. Every Thursday, we had presentations from students from the practice exam we did that day. This and the check mark policy really got students involved in his class. Because there is only one course during spring term, students tend to have more free time than the other two terms. It's a great thing to have free time in college! You can read books that interest you the most, read magazines to catch up with what is happening in the world, or just watch a movie with your friends. Also, the campus is so beautiful in spring, all the flowers, the trees, the sunshine, make me feel that study here in W&L is a joyful thing.